Saturday, 13 September 2014

A bright start this morning promised an enjoyable patch visit, but I was only out 90 minutes before I came over a bit unwell, feeling very groggy and out of salts  :-(

However, I saw a few bits and pieces, before wimping off home to rest up. Summer birds are getting scarcer every time I go out now, only 3 SWALLOWS were seen in the sky, and one BLACKCAP was recorded in the Scrubby Woods. CHIFFCHAFFS bucked the trend though, with at least 4 seen along the edge of the Maize crop in the Pub Field, which I now have access along, due the footpath at last being cleared of the crop. There were also 3 Chiffchaffs seen around the edge of the main lake, part of a mixed feeding flock that included 2 TREECREEPERS, 2 NUTHATCHES, 2 GOLDCREST, at least 5 CHAFFINCH and a few BLUE and GREAT TITS.

On the lakes a KINGFISHER was watched as it flew across the main lake, where a MANDARIN DUCK was dabbling around, a CANADA GOOSE dropped in briefly, then flew off again, apart from those species, it was down to the MUTE SWAN family, the COOT, a handful of MALLARDS and 10-15 MOORHENS.

Hopefully I'll be fit and well for tomorrow  :-)

No photo's today, the blog folder is empty, a garden photo session is needed I think!

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Marc Heath said...

Hopefully a double effort tomorrow then Warren. There's something waiting to be found!!