Friday, 12 September 2014

For a bit of a change, instead of my usual patch visit, I today had a trip out to Dungeness, where in some very pleasant early Autumn sunshine I spent the day with a couple of mates taking in the sights of the RSPB reserve.

In the nearly 8 hours we spent there we found 64 species, a little on the low side we thought, but then again we weren't really going for it big time! We found some star birds, with the likes of GREAT WHITE EGRET, GLOSSY IBIS, BITTERN, MARSH HARRIR and PEREGRINE but when you spend much of your birding life on an inland patch, as I do, a great deal of what I saw took on the status of star bird!

I was taking much interest in the Migrant Hawker Dragonflies, of which there were dozens about, with one seemingly perched on every bush, allowing a few photo's to be taken, just as well really, as few birds were showing close enough to photographed. Still, it was very enjoyable day out  :-)

This young MOORHEN proved to be the only bird image I took today

Migrant Hawker

In yesterdays blog entry I mentioned that the Sparrowhawk was in my garden as I was writing the post. I managed to take a quick burst of photographs of it, but this one was in poor light and the pose was a bit comical!

Garden Sprawk


darrell j prest said...

Excellent photos warren

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Darrell :-)

Noushka said...

Gorgeous post again Warren,
great to know the Migrant hawker is in large numbers where you are, still haven't seen any!!
This Sparrowhawk is truly gorgeous, I think your picture is extremely lively.
Well done, enjoy your weekend!

Warren Baker said...

The Migrant Hawker is just about the only Odonata left here now, along with a few Common Darters.