Monday, 23 February 2015

Cloud came and went this morning, making it feel warm when the sun was out, if sheltered from the strengthening wind !

I had a 3 hour patch visit this morning, hoping as ever to find something new, but it was down to the regulars to entertain again today.  A pair of COMMON BUZZARDS were seen again around the Pub Field and Ashes Lane Fields, the Wet Woods had a small mixed feeding flock, comprising of 2 x TREECREEPER, 2 x LONG TAILED TITS and 2 x GOLDCRESTS, also nearby were a small band of around 15 CHAFFINCHES again.

 Long Tailed Tit

Long Tailed Tit, on the lookout!

On the lakes there were just 2 CANADA GEESE visiting today, the regular COOT pair, SWAN pair and a few MALLARDS / MOORHENS were also present. A COAL TIT sang from the Scrubby Woods, where at least 4 BULLFINCH were also seen.

Out the fields adjacent to High House Lane, there was a mixed feeding flock of at least 400 birds, around 250 were FIELDFARE, with over 100 STARLINGS with them and a few REDWING. I decided to try and creep up on some of the winter thrushes to obtain a photo or two, but a SPARROWHAWK had the same idea and beat me to it!!  I was a bit annoyed to see all the birds scatter just as I was getting close  ;-(  I did get a fleeting shot of a Fieldfare as it went over though  :-)

Fleeing Fieldfare

It got away, as did all its comrades!

I checked the Greenhouse Copse for the Little Owl but it wasn't there today, the nearby Greenhouse Grounds had a pair of MISTLETHRUSHES, the GREY WAGTAIL and the KESTREL pair of note, but Migrant Alley was devoid of birds today, just a few WOODPIGEONS on the sheep pasture, I wonder what scared off the Black Headed Gull flock that is usually here ?


Marc Heath said...

Nice Fieldfare capture, just needs a Sparrowhawk in there as well!

Warren Baker said...

I'm sure it wont be long !

Pete Woodruff said...

Yes, excellent in flight Fieldfare shots.

There was quite a cold howler blowing up here in't north today Warren.

Warren Baker said...

When aint there mate! LoL