Sunday, 1 February 2015

Early rain passed, leaving a cloudy sky and a cold, blustery NW wind, later in my visit short, sunny spells broke through.

I always like to do a full patch walk on the first of the month, whatever the weather conditions are like and this morning wasn't particularly good!  Anyway here's what I found, in the order it was recorded  :-)

Leaving home I quickly scribble down the first species of the day, as I walked along Ashes lane, JACKDAW, COLLARED DOVE, GREAT TIT, CARRION CROW, a flyover BLACK HEADED GULL, GREEN WOODPECKER and a few flyover GOLDFINCHES were hard won. Walking across the Ashes Lane Fields, BLACKBIRD, WOODPIGEON, MEADOW PIPIT, MAGPIE and a mixed flock of REDWING, FIELDFARE and  STARLING, about 20 of each species, along with two MISTLETHRUSH were a nice wintery find.

Looking through the Wet Woods I added WREN, ROBIN, GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER, TREECREEPER, DUNNOCK, GOLDCREST, BLUE TIT, and MOORHEN to the February list. Walking towards the lakes a COAL TIT called loudly, good job it did as the roar wind was drowning out most of the calls!

On the lakes it was the usual characters and MUTE SWAN and MALLARD, were easily found, then a GREY HERON dropped in, plus the KINGFISHER was seen dashing across the main lake, a good find for February.

The Scrubby Woods was hard going with the strong wind drowning out most calls again, I only added CHAFFINCH, GREENFINCH, and SONGTHRUSH for the months list.

I visited the Small Holding but didn't add any new species from there, then I walked along High House Lane, where HOUSE SPARROW was noted down. I crossed into the fields and paddocks of Migrant Alley and quickly added ROOK, plus HERRING GULL and COMMON GULL that were with the flock of Black Headed Gulls there, it was good to also see another mixed flock of Starlings, Redwings and Fieldfares there as well, about 40 each of the latter two species and around 60 of the former.

I checked the Greenhouse Copse, but didn't find the Little Owl today, then had a walk of the Greenhouse Grounds, where I failed to find the hoped for Grey wagtail, or the usual Pied Wagtails, only a BULLFINCH and the female KESTREL were added to the February list, the female being seen perched up on the greenhouses.

So I ended the visit on 38 species, a bit disappointing to say the least! I did however ever add LONG TAILED TIT and NUTHATCH that were seen at my garden feeders this afternoon, taking the months list to 40, still not very good though  :-(

Long Tailed Tit in my garden this afternoon

House Sparrow - another garden visitor, just the one!  I'm getting a Songthrush visit regularly, getting some nice views of it, but it is extremely wary, I hope to get some images of it soon though!


Derek Faulkner said...

Song Thrush - an almost total rarity here on Sheppey.
Walking the reserve sea wall at Harty/Shellness dawn this morning was like being in the Arctic, the wind and chill factor was that bad!

Warren Baker said...

Not as bad as an easterly wind, all the way from Siberia! :-)