Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The cloud partly cleared just after dawn, leaving a morning of sunny spells and a slight frost.

I decided to do a full patch walk, which produced a good bird species tally of 45, two of which were new for the months list, both flyovers, a CORMORANT (52) and a SKYLARK (53).

I was disappointed to see the lakes were still mostly frozen over, so only the MUTE SWAN pair, MALLARDS and MOORHENS were seen, plus the COOT was about again  :-) The Wet Woods and Scrubby Woods between them added most of the woodland specialists, except Treecreeper, I just couldn't find one today!

Out on the Fields and farmland, it was good to see FIELDFARE and REDWING spread across the Ashes Lane Fields, Migrant Alley and the arable fields that lie adjacent to High House Lane, at least 100 Fieldfare and maybe 50-60 Redwing were moving about the areas, the MISTLETHRUSH pair were also with them, plus 40-50 MEADOW PIPITS continue to use the Ashes Lane Fields.

The overwintering GREY WAGTAIL was again at the Greenhouse Grounds, where the KESTREL pair were hanging about, plus a pair of BULLFINCH fed on the old plum tree buds there. A SPARROWHAWK flew over Migrant Alley, where there were fewer BLACK HEADED GULLS today, just a dozen were seen, with them were a couple of HERRING GULL and a COMMON GULL, other than that it was a pretty standard winter visit  :-)

With the sunshine breaking through this afternoon, I was able to fill the blog photo folder with a few garden bird images - mostly of a WREN, so i'll post those over the next few days, here's that Wren to kick off with!

It sat preening in the sunshine for a few minutes

But It kept itself behind the ivy berries

Eventually it gained confidence and moved along the branch

Where it resumed preening

I was able to take lots of images as you can see!

I'll post more of the Wren another time!


Marc Heath said...

An underrated bird I think. Little beauties and nicely captured Warren in the sun.

Warren Baker said...

As long as they dont eat all the Dragonfly larvea from my pond Marc LoL :-)

Pete Woodruff said...

Not often they sit around like this one either. An excellent opportunity for you and a nice set of images the result Warren.

Stephen Mills said...

A nice total for the day Warren. Not had Cormorant here yet.

Wilma said...

Hard to beat a wren in the sunshine!