Monday, 9 February 2015

Morning cloud gave way to some pleasant sunshine by midday, making it feel very springlike  :-)

I spent 3 hours on my patch this morning, and another 2 this afternoon, finding a few interesting bits a pieces. Eight LESSER REDPOLLS (63,57) that fed in a Silver Birch at the side of the small lake were the first this year - at last! On the lakes themselves nothing unusual was found, but the KINGFISHER was heard, and 8 CANADA GEESE plus the farmyard white goose were visiting again.

Canada Goose

A SKYLARK was singing from the arable fields adjacent to High House Lane, where I also saw a couple of YELLOWHAMMERS, the LITTLE OWL called from the nearby Greenhouse Copse and at the Greenhouse Grounds the long staying GREY WAGTAIL remains, along with the 3 BULLFINCHES.

A sky watching session from my seat at Migrant Alley proved very rewarding today, I watched the KESTREL pair up hunting, plus up to 4 BUZZARDS were seen, a SPARROWHAWK went over high up, as did a CORMORANT and a GREY HERON, but the star bird today was a PEREGRINE FALCON (64,58) that sped low over the sheep pasture, putting up over 100 BLACK HEADED GULLS, the 2 COMMON GULLS, the 200+ mixed flock of corvids and the 50-60 WOODPIGEONS that were feeding there. I watched the Peregrine speed through the flocks of birds and then pluck a Woodpigeon out of the sky, dropping down with it just 40 meters from me, as the Peregrine tried to subdue the stricken Woodpigeon, a gang of CARRION CROWS mobbed it so intently that the Woodpigeon escaped. The Peregrine then took off and circled my position, allowing me to get a few snaps of it.

 Peregrine Falcon. It has a BTO ring on its right leg and a red plastic ring on its left


Marc Heath said...

Some nice Peregrine shots, liking that blue sky as well.

Derek Faulkner said...

Had a L.E. Owl on my patch today and a Richards Pipit yesterday, coupled with a beautiful Spring-like day, things are looking up.

Warren Baker said...

The weather said 'cloud all day' so we got lucky :-)

Warren Baker said...

Lets hope it stays that way now!

Phil said...

Great Peregrine shots Warren.
Still only heard of one sighting of Redpolls at NH so far and just one of Siskin I believe.

Warren Baker said...

There must be a good supply of natural food further north and west, keeping Siskins at home!

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Two nice new species for the list . Still looking for my Redpoll . Very nice Peregrine shots .

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Siskins appeared here this weekend Warren.
Are they three circular holes in the peregrine's wing? Hope it's not been shot at.



Warren Baker said...

I looked a bit closer at the Peregrines ''holes in wing'' I reckon its just feather wear, but it isn't conclusive :-(

Pete Woodruff said...

The Peregrines left wing has five pinholes in it, so that's eight in total. Curious....I'm intrigued.

Warren Baker said...

Ive cropped the images as far as I can, but I cant be sure what the ''pinholes'' are .............