Friday, 20 February 2015

Rain fell throughout the early morning, leaving me kicking my heels indoors, I suppose I could of got out, but i'm running short of inspiration, there is only so much mud and wet you can take!

Anyway, I decided on a whim, that I would get all my unused camera gear ( all that stuff that I said would be good for a back up, that I'm sure many photographers have!) and take it down to the local camera shop to see what I could get for it, I had an old 50D camera, a 70-300mm Canon lens and a 150-500mm Sigma lens, after a bit of bartering I ended up accepting 750 quid for the lot, ( I probably could of got more selling privately, but that's more hassle!)

So what did I do with 750 quid ? Well I used it to part pay for a new camera, a 7D MK11, I was going to get the canon 100-400mm MK11 lens, but the missus raised an eyebrow at the need to stump up £1300, even with the £750 my old stuff had raised  :-)  I'll have to save up some more for that purchase! My now ''old'' 7D will serve as my back up camera.

Now all I need is some decent weather to try the 7DMk11 out!

In the meantime, here's a few garden images taken last week with the 7DMK1, they are good enough, but there are a few nice improvements on the 7DMK11 that will make things easier for me, such as an increase in shooting speed to 10 frames a second, plus the ability to attach a 1.4 extender to my 400mm prime lens and retain auto focus, the focusing system itself is slightly superior also. So far the only negative thing about the camera is the instruction manual - nowhere near as informative as the 7D edition!!

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Long Tailed Tit

Just like the Nuthatch, I cant resist photographing these little wonders  ;-)

PS: Apologies to those who had to read through all the camera jargon, birds will be back on the agenda tomorrow!


Marc Heath said...

You're be a professional now Warren, I will have to bow to you soon using that camera!! Hope it all works out well for you. Nice set of decent shots today.

Warren Baker said...

Cheers Marc,
Hopefully I wont feel the need to upgrade camera's for a long while now!

Pete Woodruff said...

Absolutely right Warren, there's only so much mud and wet you can take. But hey....a new 7D MK11 in the pipeline.

Excellent set of garden pics.

Mike H said...

No stopping you now Warren. Rather envious of that Mk2 I have heard and seen very good reports.

Warren Baker said...

Rain again this morning :-( should clear soon enough though

Stringer said...

Wow..... I hear the 7d mk2 is an awesome camera !!

I wish I could afford one, think I'll be stuck with my 'ratty old 7D' for a few years yet... 8-)

I look forward to lots of amazing pics.