Friday, 29 April 2016

The last full patch walk for April was undertaken today, in cloudy but dry conditions, with a cool wind still. Sunny spells and showers developed for the afternoon.

Bluebells in the Wet Woods ( Photo courtesy of my lovely wife )

I tallied up 45 species in all, a bit disappointing for April, but some species are keeping very low profiles as they are now breeding, Great Spotted Woodpecker and Coal Tit are such species, avoiding detection today.

The LESSER WHITETHROAT is still singing around the Greenhouse Grounds, trying to attract a mate, the COMMON WHITETHROAT pair are also there, as are the KESTRELS. BLACKCAP, CHIFFCHAFF and SWALLOW were the only other summer birds on offer on my patch today.

The MISTLETHRUSH nest in the Oak tree at the large garden adjacent to the lakes has probably got young now, both adults were seen in the vicinity.

The SISKIN pair continue to visit my garden feeders, they were seen this afternoon, be good to get this species on the May list  :-)

A LITTLE OWL (72) was at last recorded for the April list when one was seen perched in a tree at the Small Holding, this addition to the months list still leaves me short of 3 species if I am to reach the mean average species tally for the 5 previous Aprils and still 7 short of the record April tally, with just one visit left, I dont think these targets will be reached now.

ROOKS are the predominant species on the sheep pasture at Migrant Alley, collecting food for their nestlings.



Derek Faulkner said...

Beautiful woodland photo, I can see where you learned your photography skills from.

Warren Baker said...

She is an excellent tutor ;-)

Marc Heath said...

Looks like the wife should do more of this Warren and you stay at home. Either that or maybe she can give you some tips lol!!

Warren Baker said...

......and all she used was her mobile phone!!