Thursday, 28 April 2016

The sunny start to the day lasted a bit longer than recent days, plus there were no showers to dodge, but it was still cool for April, especially in the exposed windy spots.

My three hour patch visit this morning didn't turn up anything new for the month or year lists, nor did I find any newly fledged birds for the 2016 ''Successfully Bred'' list. Sightings of note on my patch today were the LESSER WHITETHROAT that sang once again from Ashes Lane and the Greenhouse Grounds, where the COMMON WHITETHROAT pair were active and the male KESTREL was perched up on one of the greenhouses, earlier I had watched at least 60 PIED WAGTAILS fly from their roost there.

Another Common Whitethroat sang from the drainage ditch at the Ashes Lane Fields, over which 2 BUZZARDS flew as they left the Wet Woods. On the lakes, just a lone male MANDARIN DUCK was of any note.

An hours sky watching from my seat at Migrant Alley was a big disappointment, with just a single LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL seen passing over.

Later in the afternoon, I had a pair of SISKIN on my garden feeders, nice to see them still about  :-)

Photo's for today.........................

Male Kestrel on one of the Greenhouses

One of the GREYLAG GEESE pair that continue to feed on the sheep pasture

A windswept DUNNOCK

Another Dunnock, singing out of the wind  :-)


Pete Woodruff said...

Yes, cold in the exposed places, with all sorts of crap coming out the skies up here in't north.

Kestrel is a little beauty, as is the windswept Dunnock....Nice one's Warren.

Marc Heath said...

Lovely lighting on that Kestrel Warren. Nice to see the sun for a while.

Marc Heath said...

Lovely lighting on that Kestrel Warren. Nice to see the sun for a while.

Chris Rohrer said...

Dunnocks are wicked:)

Warren Baker said...

They are a much overlooked bird here!

Warren Baker said...

Fingers crossed this will be the last few days of the wintery stuff!

Warren Baker said...

I would liked to have got a little closer to him :-)