Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Cloud, drizzle and at times heavier rain persisted throughout the morning and into the afternoon, making for a disappointing patch visit.

The visit became more than just disappointing though, as I was watching a LESSER WHITETHROAT (46) along the hedgerow at Ashes Lane, I could here the sound of chainsaw and hedge cutters coming from the nearby Greenhouse Grounds. I was then dismayed to see a whole stretch of Hedgerow and the long vegetation that ran up to it being cut right back to the fence line, no thought what-so-ever for any environmental impact, just the need to keep the field tidy, which has now turned from a wildlife rich place, to a sterilised field, covered by a huge black plastic sheet with plastic pots lined up in regimented rows.

Over the 15 years since I started keeping proper, detailed records of the wildlife at Pittswood, I have slowly watched the ruination of many of the habitats here, with the local extinction of species that all that brings, all for the sake of keeping things tidy. I have managed to stay focused however, keeping up my daily visits, if nothing else to record the demise of the wildlife at Pittswood!

Today though, was the last straw. I cant keep going out and feeling depressed and totally pissed off at the way things are here on my patch now, the point of getting out about is to enjoy and be enthralled by nature, but the nature is disappearing fast here now, I have the stats to prove it!

I am now seriously thinking now about quitting my patch altogether, I have been visiting for 15 years at the end of this year, and it seems an apt point to give up. My blog has been kept - almost daily -  for 9 of those years come October, that will also come to an end by the new year.

I will keep the blog and visits going over the Autumn and early winter, but they will probably be fewer, I will however keep the 10 full patch walks per month going, until to the years end, this will keep the 15 years of records all equal.

I may yet have a change of heart, but it is unlikely, unless things change markedly here.

What I will do with my time if i'm not out patch watching I havn't yet given any thought to yet........maybe I can go back to work, (NOT!)

For those of you who enjoyed my photographs, I'll still be posting those on my face book page and other wildlife sites, some no doubt will still be taken locally.


Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Bloody tidy brigade - heartbreaking! And possibly illegal? You shoulda phoned the Old Bill...Far too much wildlife crime goes undetected/reported

And I'm sure you saw this only yesterday https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/aug/01/help-birds-untidy-hedges-helping-protect-declining-bird-species



Warren Baker said...

Wildlife law isn't worth the paper it's written on. Always up to likes of me to prove 'intent' . Ignorance is no defence we always here, but wildlife crime is totally different, ignorance is a good defense!!

Pete Woodruff said...

Warren....A depressing post from your point of view, due to the arsehole tidy up, cut back the hedgerow, and sterilise the fields brigade.

I won't go on on your website Warren, doesn't seem right, but....Please take a step back and take a deep breath, as what you are saying here about your intentions is deeply worrying to me.

Kind Regards


Phil said...

Hi Warren. I feel for you mate. I hope you can keep going on your patch but can understand your disappointment and frustration. I too have just this week reached a decision to stop visiting my local " nature reserve" at Quarry Wood ( KWT) because of dogs and their irresponsible and downright ignorant owners. Twice this week I have been subject to virtual attacks by aggressive, unleashed dogs while peacefully walking through the woods. As usual I was told it was my fault for being quiet and startling their canine children I've had enough I think.

Warren Baker said...

I will still maintain my interest in wildlife, especially birds, but I will visit places where I can enjoy them without feeling annoyed, frustrated and depressed. maybe then I can get back the enjoyment of being out :-)

Warren Baker said...

Hi Phil,
I didn't even mention the dog walkers impact on my patch, which is very nagative, as you say, most are totally ignorant of the countryside. I hope you can find somewhere else to roam and enjoy the wildlife mate. As for KWT..............bloody useless unless you want to walk your kids and picnic in a car park!!

iSharkey fish said...

Sad news all round. Man is the most destructive thing on the planet. I hope you find your enjoyment again Warren.

iSharkey fish said...

Sad news all round. Man is the most destructive thing on the planet. I hope you find your enjoyment again Warren.