Friday, 19 August 2016

Intermittent rain fell throughout the day, some light, some heavy, it remained warm however in light winds.

Just a couple of short trips around Migrant Alley were made this morning, where nothing at all of note was found out in the fields. At the Greenhouse Grounds I counted 48 SWALLOWS sitting on one of the Greenhouses, these were all stirred into action by a passing SPARROWHAWK, which they saw off noisily, but within seconds a HOBBY had swooped in, that too was soon chased off by the angry flock. A BUZZARD was of course soaring not too far away, plus a KESTREL sat on one of the telephone poles along ashes Lane.

Later this afternoon, whilst making tea, I heard the raucous calls of a RING NECKED PARAKEET (60) I rushed out into the garden, but standing in the rain, couldn't locate the bird, despite it calling for a few minutes; At last the August list hits the 60 species mark!

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