Monday, 15 August 2016

Variable amounts of cloud drifted over today, but it remained mostly sunny with a moderate breeze.

Another walk of the fields and paddocks this morning didn't reveal too much migrant activity, just a GARDEN WARBLER utilising the same Elder tree as the Lesser Whitethroats had done yesterday. BUZZARD, SPARROWHAWK and KESTREL were all seen up hunting over the area, plus a LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL and a few HERRING GULLS flew over, as did a pair of GREY HERON. No sign of my first Mistlethrush of the month still, the only Pittswood breeding species yet to be added to the August list.

A WILLOW WARBLER was singing from my Elder Tree just as I left home for my morning walk, a song much missed from much of South East England now-a-days.

This Migrant Hawker posed for me today, the only images I did get!


Marc Heath said...

Lovely lighting, lovely detail, lovely shots sums it up I think. I was up for some early shots this morning with some ok rewards.

Marc Heath said...
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Warren Baker said...

Thanks Marc.
Dragons do lend themselves to photography very well :-)