Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Dense fog didn't clear until 09:30 hrs, after which it became sunny and very warm.

I was wasting my time this morning, as nothing was found in the foggy conditions - unsurprisingly! Once the fog lifted it became very warm and humid, not ideal for birding, all I saw of note was the KESTREL, a HOBBY chasing the SWALLOWS, and a BUZZARD displaying over the Ashes Lane Fields, reveling in the clear blue skies, enjoying the fine weather.  Suck on that you gun loving gamekeepers!!

The warm sunshine proved to be ideal for Dragons though, and a hot and sticky couple of hours were spent tracking them down and photographing them  :-)

Migrant Hawker.This was the first shot of 100 images I took of this individual.

It moved off and alighted on a pleasing perch - a ripening Blackberry

Where it sat and basked in the sunshine.

This looks to be an immature male, ive not noticed the abdomen on other immature males look so purple in colour before.


Marc Heath said...

Nice set Warren. After a few days camping, back on it tomorrow I hope somewhere.

Marc Heath said...
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Warren Baker said...

It sure was hot out there ! Not easy work :-)