Sunday, 4 September 2016

After an initial sunny start to the morning it soon clouded over, with spits of drizzle on an increasing SW wind.

I carried out a full patch walk this morning, when during the 5 hour visit I found a total of 44 bird species, not too bad in the cool, breezy conditions. The excitement for the morning was provided by the discovery of a superb male REDSTART (99,53), which was feeding from the hedge line that borders the Pub Field and the Ashes Lane Fields, just one more species needed now for the 100!

A LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL  (54) was added to the months list, I wonder if I will get 70+ species this September ? The last year that September failed to reach over 70 species was back in 2006.

BUZZARD and KESTREL were the only Raptors seen today, but not all of the regular breeding woodland species were found, once again Songthrush, which are concealing themselves excellently whilst they finish moulting, nor Mistlethrush were found this morning, Long Tailed Tit also evaded the days count.

Very few BLACKCAP, CHIFFCHAFF and WHITETHROAT remain here now, they will soon be gone for this year. The only other species of any note were a passage of HOUSE MARTINS and the female MANDARIN DUCK on the main lake again.

WREN ( Taken yesterday)


Marc Heath said...

Nearly there Warren. Drum roll please.

Marc Heath said...
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Derek Faulkner said...

The crap and badly mutilated habitat is still turning up the birds then Warren, not time to give up just yet. Our rain last night turned out to be just 20 mins long and gone by this morning, the drought goes on!

Warren Baker said...

Just think what I could turn up if the habitat wasn't so mutilated!

Warren Baker said...

Nice flyover Osprey for the 100 ???

Derek Faulkner said...

Most of us probably think that as we wonder round these days Warren. If only The Swale NNR had a large lake of water all year round, rather than looking like a bone dry, cattle eaten desert, if only there wasn't a ploughed field where the was once grazing meadows full of Lapwings and Skylarks, etc. etc. It's the way the countryside is diminishing these days, you either accept what's left, or go mad.