Thursday, 8 September 2016

Another mostly sunny morning, feeling warm in an increasing SW wind.

Once again I spent a good three hours walking the farmland habitat of my patch and once again I was rewarded by some passage migrant activity. Early in the visit, the September list was added to when a SNIPE (65) was initially heard and then watched as it flew over Migrant Alley, where a YELLOW WAGTAIL also flew over. On the paddocks there was a WHEATEAR, but it was the WHINCHATS that took the starring role, with no fewer than 4 feeding together!

2 BUZZARDS, a KESTREL and a HOBBY were all seen up hunting over the area, plus once again there were plenty of HERRING and BLACK HEADED GULLS about.

SWALLOW, HOUSE MARTIN, CHIFFCHAFF and WHITETHROAT made up the other Summer species, but their days on my patch are dwindling fast now as they stream out of the country.

This mornings Wheatear. It didn't allow very close approach, but it was much more approachable than the 4 Whinchats

There were good numbers of these Migrant Hawker dragonflies about, this one was captured with my 100-400mm lens, which made a pretty good job of it!

A few Common Darters were about too, i'd changed over to my 100mm macro lens by now.  :-)


iSharkey fish said...

Nice pics again. I didn't realise you can get a zoom macro lens. There have been lots of gulls around as the farmer is plowing fields the other side of Ton Rd.

iSharkey fish said...
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