Monday, 12 September 2016

This morning was largely sunny, with scattered cloud and a light Southerly breeze.

During my five hour full patch walk today, I counted 44 species, that's ten less than the full patch walk of five days ago!

Nothing was found to add to the months list and only YELLOW WAGTAIL and MEADOW PIPIT showed up for the passage birds today, both at Migrant Alley. Pheasant, Whitethroat, Long Tailed Tit and Mistlethrush were the only omissions for the local regularly seen species species, while SWALLOW, HOUSE MARTIN, CHIFFCHAFF, BLACKCAP and LESSER WHITETHROAT were the Summer species recorded today, the latter being the same bird as seen yesterday in the same stretch of hedgerow along Ashes Lane.

A couple of BUZZARDS were up soaring over Migrant Alley, a couple of KESTRELS were at the Greenhouse Grounds and a SPARROWHAWK hunted along the edge of the Wet Woods. A MANDARIN DUCK was on the main lake again, with just a MALLARD and 3 MOORHENS.

Not getting much luck photographically at the moment, in desperation I took this distant shot of a couple of young GREEN WOODPECKERS on the fence posts at the drainage ditch that runs through the Ashes Lane Fields, enjoy it fellas, the cover is unlikely to last much longer  :-(


Pete Woodruff said...

I'm not getting much luck migrant wise, worse still bird wise at all at times, my latest post for my birding efforts Monday is titled 'This is not Portland Bill'.

Your young Green Woodpecker shot is excellent Warren, given they were distant, not many opportunities for such subject matter as these two.

Warren Baker said...

I reckon you'll get all your migrants through in one go! It's frustrating knowing that all those bird species are moving around, but avoiding ones own patch! :-)