Saturday, 24 December 2016

A Christmas eve full patch visit was undertaken today, in the overcast but dry conditions, the 40 bird species that were found was a bit less than the average for a December daylist, with the the likes of Stock Dove, Pheasant, Bullfinch and Skylark not being recorded, when all could have been anticipated.

I did however add GREY HERON (55) to the months list, which was the very first bird I saw as I left my house, glancing up at the Greenhouses one was seen perched on one of the glass rooves! That just about proved to be the highlight of the walk really, although it was nice to see REDWING, FIELDFARE, MISTLETHRUSH, SONGTHRUSH and BLACKBIRD all in the same Hawthorne bush over at the Small Holding Area.

Nothing was on on any of the lakes, except a few MOORHEN and MALLARDS, but the adjacent Scrubby Woods had the usual good haul of species, with LONG TAILED TIT, COAL TIT, GOLDCREST, NUTHATCH, TREECREEPER, GREAT SPOTTED and GREEN WOODPECKERS all being found with the more common woodland species.

The only raptor species seen today was the female KESTREL, which flew over the Ashes Lane Fields, putting up a mixed flock of of 50+ Redwing and Fieldfare, as well as a few MEADOW PIPITS.

A couple of CORMORANTS flew over the sheep pasture at Migrant Alley, as did 3 SISKIN and a YELLOWHAMMER, but I was hoping for the first Geese of the month to fly through, December has never passed without any geese being found!


Pete Woodruff said...

Just getting up to date with your blog, and yesterday's pic's were a treat, the Kestrel with good looks, and the rather sweet Robin and Wren....Nice work.


Warren Baker said...

Cheers Pete :-)

Enjoy your Xmas mate :-)