Friday, 9 December 2016

This morning was windless, overcast and damp, the afternoon brightened up a little and it became very mild for the time of year.

I took the opportunity of carrying out a full patch walk, during which a good tally of 44 bird species was recorded, 3 of those species were new for the months list, the first being a LITTLE OWL (49) that called from the Small Holding. The second was an anticipated species, a superb male GOOSANDER (50) that was on the main lake, where the third species new for the month was also seen when two KINGFISHERS (51) were chasing over the water. Of note, the arrival of the Goosander is just a day later than the 15 year median average arrival date.

Other notable sightings were 2 CHIFFCHAFFS that were around the main lake, 4 YELLOWHAMMERS and 9 MEADOW PIPITS on a field just off High House Lane, plus the raptor species of KESTREL and BUZZARD that hunted over my patch. With all the other common and regular species it was quite a decent days birding, just a shame the light is so poor, making photography hopeless!


iSharkey fish said...

Hi apologies for not looking on here for a while.
I'm glad your still out there spotting and still getting species added to the totals.
I have been lucky with a few pics lately. Greater Spotted Woodpecker, white wagtail and fieldfair. If you want to see the latter pop up to the entrance of Grange Farm, there are a few apple trees along the right side with a field the other side.
Happy hunting Warren

Warren Baker said...

Cheers Sharkey, yea, i'm still at it!