Thursday, 15 December 2016

The fifth full patch walk of the month was undertaken this morning, yet again under leaden skies, but it was at least windless and warm for the time of year.

During the four and a half hour visit, a rather low tally of 41 bird species were found, with regulars like, Treecreeper, Stock Dove, Pheasant and Herring Gull missing, when they could have been expected.

There were no additions to the December tally, but there was a bit of interest about, like the 20+ MEADOW PIPITS on the Ashes Lane Fields, 3 MISTLETHRUSHES at the Small Holding Area, a GREY WAGTAIL at the Greenhouse Grounds, where there were also 4 SISKINS, plus the two raptor species of BUZZARD and KESTREL, the latter of which both male and female were seen up hunting over the area.

Nothing was on the lakes, except the usual MALLARDS and MOORHENS, a CORMORANT almost visited, but like the other day, thought better of it!

GOLDCRESTS, COAL TITS, ROBINS, SONGTHRUSH, DUNNOCKS, WRENS and the already mentioned Mistlethrushes were all giving some song, along with a couple of SKYLARKS over at Bustard hill making it sound quite springlike out there today  :-)

Hopeless weather for photographs again though!


Ken. said...

Looks like you have not had a lot of success over the past few days, mind you as you say the weather has been nfff to say the least, still think possitive, next year is going to be "The Year"

Pete Woodruff said...

Can be hard work, but you know that and are aquainted with it all. I'm not much ahead of you either Warren, so not out there on your own.

Warren Baker said...

Hi Ken,
I always think the next year will be ''the year'' !!

Warren Baker said...

Hi Pete,
The weather and lack of light is a real drain on inspiration at this time of year!

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Apart from a very fluky bit of brightness while I was at the waxwings this week has threatened not to get light all day Warren

Days start lengthening next week..well they're still 24 hours but you know what I mean ;-)



Warren Baker said...

Davyman, I'd take a week of dullness to get a nice Waxwing image ;-)