Friday 4 May 2012

My run of good fortune ended with a bang today  :-(  nothing of much note was seen at all, the cold and dismal weather isn't helping things along either!

This afternoon I repeated the walk of the previous two afternoons, hoping again to find the first Turtle Dove of the year in the wooded headland over at Migrant Alley, but again none were found, maybe this scarce migrant dove wont turn up here this year ?  Heavy disturbance from a college work crew, dog walkers and one of the sheep pasture fields being let out to some sort of caravan club, put an end to any thought of finding any passage chats on the fence lines.

I had a look through the Greenhouse Complex Grounds, and found a couple of WHITETHROATS, plus the BLACKCAP that has been singing there for a couple of weeks has at last got himself a mate  :-), LONG TAILED TIT, WREN, ROBIN, SONGTHRUSH, BLACKBIRD and DUNNOCK were seen collecting food for nestlings, and a SWIFT flew over. One of the KESTREL pair was see up hunting, I say pair as I am hoping the female is incubating eggs in the nearby nestbox. Up to eight SWALLOWS were working hard to find insects to eat, not many about in this unseasonable cool weather.

A walk around the Tree Nursery was had, but apart from the regulars, and a pair of WHITETHROATS it was very quiet.....................cant believe tomorrows weather is forecast to be colder than that of last Christmas day! I'll need some kind of enthusiasm from somewhere to get me out and about early tomorrow  :-(
Racking the the ISO up on the camera, and opening up the aperture gave me just about enough shutter speed for the only photo of the day - a GREYLAG GOOSE, it was with two CANADA GEESE on the Sheep pasture


ShySongbird said...

This weather's getting really tedious now and it's so inhospitable for breeding birds. It's a wonder all the migrants don't pack their bags and go back again :-(

So nice that the Blackcap's singing was eventually rewarded with a mate :-)

Warren Baker said...

You're right Songbird, this weather could affect the outcome of the whole breediny season for many common species.

When I saw the Swift go over today I thought the same as you, ''why would it want to stay here'' !

Things will change, I hope not too late for the fledged young though

Marc Heath said...

More rain tomorrow. I think i am going to take up swimming. As you have said, enough is enough. Give us a few days of at least warm sun.

Rohrerbot said...

Bummer about the weather....but at least you got a nice shot of the Goose:)