Pittswood Bird Gallery

On this page are the photographs that I have managed to take of the birds found on my patch, not all of the 141 species recorded have been caught on Camera and some of them are just record shots, ( pretty woeful at that!) taken as the chance arose, so they are of varying quality! I have added both sexes and the Immature of the species where available, the species appear in alphabetical order  :-)

 Barn Owl

 Barnacle Goose

Black Headed Gull

 Black Headed Gull

 Blackbird - Male

Blackbird - Female

Blackbird - Immature

Black Redstart - Female / Immature

Blackcap - Male

Blackcap - Female

Blackcap - Immature

 Blue Tit

Blue Tit - Immature

Brambling - Male

Brent Geese

Bullfinch - Male

Bullfinch - Female

Canada Goose

 Canada Goose

 Canada Goose - Gosling

Carrion Crow

Chaffinch - Male

Chaffinch - Female

Chaffinch - Immature


Chiffchaff - Fledgling

Coal Tit

 Collared Dove

Collared Dove - Immature

Common Buzzard

Common Gull


 Coot - Fledglings




 Cuckoo Juv


Dunnock Juv

 Egyptian Geese




 Gadwall - Male

Gadwall - Female

Garden Warbler

Goldcrest - Male

Goldcrest - Female



Goosander - Male

Goosander - Female

 Great Bustard

 Great Skua

Great Spotted Woodpecker - Male

Great Spotted Woodpecker - Female

Great Spotted Woodpecker - Immature

Great Tit - Male

Great Tit - Female

Great Tit - Juv

Greater Black Backed Gull

Green Sandpiper

Green Woodpecker - Male

Green Woodpecker - Immature

 Greenfinch - Male

Greenfinch - Female

Greenfinch - Immature

 Grey Heron

Grey Wagtail

 Greylag Geese

Greylag Goose

 Greylag Goslings

Hen Harrier

Herring Gull

Herring Gull Immature


House Sparrow - Male

House Sparrow - Female

House Sparrow - Immature

House Martin


 Jackdaw - Immature


Kestrel - Female

Kestrel - Juvenile

 Kingfisher - Male

Kingfisher - Male


Lesser Black Backed Gull

Lesser Redpoll - Male

Lesser Redpoll - Male

 Lesser Spotted Woodpecker - male

 Lesser Whitethroat

 Linnet - Male

Linnet - Female

Linnet - Immature

 Little Egret

Little Grebe

Little Owl

Little Owl

 Long Tailed Tit

Long Tailed Tit - Juvenile


 Magpie - Immature

 Mallard - Male

Mallard - Female

 Mandarin Duck - Male

Mandarin Duck - Female With Young

Marsh Harrier

Marsh Tit

Meadow Pipit

Mealy Redpoll

Mediterranean Gull

Mediterranean Gull



Moorhen - Young

 Mute Swan - Male

Mute Swan - Pair

Mute Swan - Cygnet




 Peregrine Falcon

Pheasant - Male


Pied Wagtail

Pied Wagtail Immature

Pochard - Male

Pochard - Female


Red crested Pochard - Male

Red Kite

Red Legged Partridge

Redstart - Female


 Reed Bunting - Male

Reed Bunting - Female

Reed Warbler

Reed Warbler

Ring Necked Parakeet

Ring Necked Parakeet

Ring Ouzel


Robin - Immature


Rook - Immature

 Sand Martin

 Sedge Warbler

Shoveler - Male

Shoveler - Female

 Siskin - Male

Siskin - Female

 Siskin - Immature



Sparrowhawk - Male

Sparrowhawk - Immature

Spotted Flycatcher

Spotted Flycatcher - Juvenile


Starling - Juvenile

Stock Dove

Stonechat - Male

Stonechat - Female

Stonechat - Immature

Swallow - Male With Juvenile

Swallow - Female

Swallow - Juveniles


 Tawny Owl

Tawny Owl - Juveniles

Teal - Male

Teal - Female


Tufted Duck - Male

Tufted Duck - Female

Turtle Dove

Turtle Dove

Water Rail


 Wheatear - Male

Wheatear - Female

Wheatear - Juvenile

Whinchat - Female

Whinchat - Female/Immature



 Whitethroat - Juvenile

Wigeon - Male

Wigeon - Female

 Willow Warbler



Wren - Juveniles

Yellow Legged Gull - Immature

Yellow Wagtail



Unknown said...

I had a study of these, some great shots. A few birds i didn't recognise. Keeping eyes peeled from now on

Unknown said...

I had a study of these, some great shots. A few birds i didn't recognise. Keeping eyes peeled from now on

Stewart said...

Hi Warren, Some absolute stunners in there, that male Starling, I cant see how that photo could be bettered! Proper magazine quality and better there.

Can I ask why many are labelled as immatures? All of the passerines are actually juveniles. Until they lose that first plumage they are juvs. Most turn straight into adult plumage though some are first winters such as Blackbirds for example.

Your Greenfinch labelled female is actually a juvenile male, tail shape and wing contrast ages it, then the amount of yellow in the wings and tail makes it a male.

The only other comment is are you sure about the Lesser black backed Gull? It looks GBBG to me....

Great stuff, what a piece of patch work, keep at it!


James King said...

Was the kingfisher shot from Willow Hide at Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve ?