Pittswood Butterfly Gallery

This page shows images of all 28 species of butterfly that have occurred on my patch, images are of varying quality, the more common the butterfly the better chance of a decent image!

 Brimstone Butterfly - Male Underwing

Brown Argus - Male

Brown Argus - Female

Brown Argus - Underwing

Chalkhill Blue

Chalkhill Blue, Underwing

 Clouded Yellow


Common Blue - Male

Common Blue - Female

Common Blue - Underwing

Essex Skipper

Essex Skipper - Underwing

Gatekeeper - Male

Gatekeeper - Female

Gatekeeper - Underwing

Green Hairstreak - Underwing

Green Veined White - Pair Mating

Green Veined White - Male Underwing

 Holly Blue - Female

Holly Blue - Female, Underwing

Large Skippers - Pair Mating

Large Skipper - Male

Large White - Male

Large White - Female

 Meadow Brown - Male

Meadow Brown - Female

Meadow Brown - Underwing

Orange Tip - Male

Orange Tip - Female

 Orange Tip - Underwing

Painted lady

Painted Lady - Underwing


Peacock - Underwing

Purple Hairstreak - Male

Purple Hairstreak - Underwing

Red Admiral

Red Admiral - Underwing


Ringlet - Underwing

Silver Washed Fritillary

Small Copper

Small Copper - Underwing

Small Heath - Underwing

Small Skipper - Male

Small Skipper - Female

Small Skippers - Mating

Small Skipper - Underwing

Small Tortoiseshell

Small White - Male

Small White - Underwing

Speckled Wood

White Admiral