About Me And My Patch

In November 1999 I moved to the small hamlet of Pittswood, a deliberate choice of location, being as it is surrounded by countryside. After only casually wandering the area for a year or so, I decided to stake out a permanent 'local patch' to study the wildlife in more depth and at the start of 2002 I began my obsession !

The patch includes open fields of improved grassland and sheep pasture, a few paddocks, plus a couple of arable fields, all with associated hedgerows, which are mostly in a poor state. A large greenhouse complex is also part of the patch, which has some valuable habitat in the grounds.There are also a couple of Wooded areas, one is a wet woods with pools of stagnant water lying  for most months of the year, the other is a dry woods, which has for the most part scrubby field layer. Adjacent to the scrubby woods are a set of 3 lakes, or large ponds to be more exact, I have access to one but not the other two, but views from the footpath can be had over them.

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