Friday 19 October 2012

After not being able to get out on patch yesterday, this afternoons visit was quickly aborted due to the persistent rain  :-(  It really was dire out there this afternoon, all I recorded in the few minutes I was out were three flyover SKYLARKS, 4 flyover REDWINGS and one of the KESTRELS, all seen over the Greenhouse Grounds.

The weather looks to be more reasonable for tomorrows full patch walk, I need to get back in focus !


Pete Woodruff said...

A bit of a turnaround with the weather. I was at Morecambe this afternoon, it was like being in the skies, flat calm.

Hope you're soon back in focus Warren.

Warren Baker said...

Go on Pete, rub it in mate! :-)

Chris said...

Can send you some sun, but I'll not keep the frost that goes with it... Wonderful sun here but -5°C ;-) Hope tomorrow will be better for you tomorrow.