Saturday 10 August 2013

There was an overcast sky this morning, with just a few chinks of blue appearing, very little wind made it feel pleasant enough though.

A full patch walk was made this morning and the five hour visit was, to say least, very quiet. I suppose I cant have the excitement of yesterdays visit everyday! It was still a bit disappointing only to find 39 species on the walk though, probably one of the lowest day totals ever for an August day. Highlights were few, but seeing the GARDEN WARBLER over at the Scrubby lakes was one  :-)

The likes of Goldcrest and Jay weren't found, plus no Geese or Raptor species were seen at all, and just one Gull species - HERRING GULL was recorded, all making for a shortened daylist.

The best of the bird activity was at the Greenhouse Grounds, where at least 6 WHITETHROATS, 2 BLACKCAPS and a CHIFFCHAFF were seen, along with small numbers of GOLDFINCH, CHAFFINCH, GREENFINCH a single BULLFINCH and a few GREAT and BLUE TITS.

A LITTLE OWL ''yelped'' from the Ashes Lane Field, where at least 40 SWALLOWS were swooping low, they were joined for a time by half a dozen HOUSE MARTINS, nothing much more to report than that today really.

I didn't even get to point the Camera this morning, the Butterflies and Dragons were few today, and what were about were very tatty. I have just 2 photo's in my Blog Folder left, so I'll brighten the page up with those, hopefully I can re-fill it soon!!


Marc Heath said...

Hopefully the folder will be brimming again soon as the migrants pass back through.

Warren Baker said...

I hope they show well enough, long enough, near enough, in the right light, and all the other things that need to go right for a nice aint easy is it!