Tuesday 24 January 2017

A quick 90 minute stroll around the sheep pasture and paddocks of Migrant Alley this morning proved well timed, as I was there to witness a flyover SNIPE (61), good to add this species to the Month / Year list. I also recorded my first YELLOWHAMMER (62) of the year, just one was sitting in the hedgerow that borders the Greenhouse Grounds with Migrant Alley, plus I saw the KESTREL pair sitting together on one of the greenhouses.

A quick look over at the Ashes Lane fields was worthwhile, as hoped, the LAPWING were still present, although only 7 of them today.

Before I set off for my walk, I sat and waited for the REDWING to come and feed on the apples I have staked out in my garden, there was just enough light hitting the branches for a few decent images :-)



Unknown said...

Hi Warren, I haven't been on your blog for ages but have found you again after a bit of a search on KOS new web site. I love reading your blog as I use to live in Hadlow some years ago and it's interesting to read about your sightings. I don't get much me time and find it hard to get out there so reading your blog is the next best thing. Keep up the good and interesting work!
Regards, Richard

Warren Baker said...

Sorry for the delayed reply Richard :-) Nice to have you back on board!