Wednesday, 28 January 2009

As I left for work this morning at 07:00, there was just a hint that the mornings were beginning to get lighter, the sky was only semi dark! It was light enough however, despite the rain, to pick out the shadowy shapes of a skein of 23 CANADA GEESE flying low over Migrant Alley, and the extra light was encouraging more energetic song from SONGTHRUSH, ROBIN, DUNNOCK and MISTLE THRUSH.
On the way back from work it was still raining, and the soft, muddy sports pitch at the college had attracted 17 BLACK HEADED GULLS, and a winter thrush flock of around 45 REDWING and 30 FIELDFARE, the stubbles at Migrant Alley were still deviod of birds though.
After getting home and having a cuppa, and a snack, I just couldn't bring myself to put my wet hat and coat back on, and venture back out into the rain, so I spent 90 mins watching the garden feeders. The birds were'nt in feeding mode though. I counted a peak of 13 BLUE TITS, 8 GREENFINCH, 7 CHAFFINCH and 6 GOLDFINCH, with two's and threes of GREAT and COAL TIT. The usual small gang of COLLARED DOVE came and went, but a bit of a surprise was the 4 DUNNOCKS that were around the shrubs, ive not had that many together for ages. The best bird of the day was the BRAMBLING, which has been using the garden for a few weeks now. A low species total of just 14 was recorded, as NUTHATCH and GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER didn't turn up, most unusual. Another 9 species were seen away from the garden, including a pair of MALLARDS and a MOORHEN out on the grass fields in front of my house.
Not a very inspiring day, but the weather is set to improve tomorrow, (it could hardly get worse) and that might just let me squeeze in one more new species before the month's end, fingers crossed!


Phil Green said...

Hi Warren, I have nothing to report today either, I popped to Dave Kirby's earlier to drop off a trailor of Ash for his log burner with my brother, and saw a couple of Goldfinch on his feeder and a Song Thrush was singing happily somewhere outside.

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed indeed, Warren.
Another 6 week and we`ll be welcoming the spring migrants :)

Kingsdowner said...

You might like to join in the February Garden Birdwatch coordinated by

With your garden regulars you should do well.

Ken said...

Hello Warren.
I haven't seen the ground to water logged in places for ages, still you got a fair number of winter thrushes again.
I hope you have a beter dat tomorrow.