Monday, 12 January 2009

I didn't get out today, as another visit to the dentist beckoned. I did get a quick one hours feeder watching in though, and very busy they were! Mostly BLUE TITS and GREENFINCH'S, but GOLDFINCH, and CHAFFINCH were around in 4's and 5's. I reckon there were 50-60 birds whizzing around the feeders at any one time. Yesterday's BRAMBLING was back, but the weather prevented any photo's. I did get a photo of it yesterday afternoon though, not very good, but the light was fading.
I got back from the dentist too late for any more birding, how frustrating, a complete day without a proper walk round my patch, what's worse is, I've got to go back and have a filling re-done on the 23rd - Another afternoons birding messed up, just when the Waxwings will be there!

Below are yesterday's Brambling photo's. A good one for the list, as there don't seem to be many about this year.


Ken said...

Your not alone Warren. I didn't get out today, as apart from the weather, I had other commitments.
Better luck tomorrow.

Steve said...

You're right Warren - not many Brambling about this year.