Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The BRAMBLING was back at the garden feeders this afternoon, I had good views of it whilst I ate my lunch, but typically, it left when I got my camera out!
Not deterred by yesterdays dismal visit, I followed the same route again, there were more birds about than yesterday, probably because the wind had dropped out, and I could hear things now. I was rewarded with a pair of BULLFINCH in the small holding area, as well as a pair of NUTHATCH. I entered the wet woods, and found a small feeding flock of BLUE and GREAT TITS, with an accompanying TREECREEPER, on the pools of water were MOORHEN, and at least 3 TEAL. As I walked over towards the lake area, the waft of smoke filled the air, the gardener of the large house was back on his mission to de-forest pittswood! More tree's in the large garden had been cut down, and everything around the lake area had been disturbed by the noisy chainsaw, apart from a couple of sleepy MALLARD and a GREY HERON hiding under some overhanging bushes.
So it was back over to the tree nursery, the work crew were extracting tree's in a far corner of one of the fields, so didn't make much disturbance, but still little was seen, just a GREEN WOODPECKER, WRENS, DUNNOCKS and ROBINS.
I was getting despondant as I crossed over ashes lane, however I carried on into the field with last years raspberry canes in, as I was nearing the fence to get into Migrant Alley, 6 Bullfinch flew out of the canes, then around 10 GOLDFINCH flew up the side of the adjacent hedgerow, joined by 20-30 REDWING/FIELDFARE, I immediatley thought 'Sparrowhawk', but it wasn't, it was my old mate the BARN OWL, who came ''flopping'' round the corner and over my head, I got a photo of it as it went away, but it flew into the low sun, so it was a poor pic. The sun had only just come out, and went back in a few minutes later, I'm sure things conspire against me at times!
In Migrant Alley it was a repeat of yesterday, the maize stubbles were filled with many hundreds of winter thrushes,the Fieldfares outnumbering REDWING by maybe 4 to 1. Again there were 300+ STARLINGS and ones and two's of YELLOWHAMMER, LINNET, MEADOW PIPIT, PIED WAGTAIL and SKYLARK. A line of Alders separating Migrant Alley from the Greenhouse complex, was alive with BLACKBIRDS and DUNNOCKS, While on the seed cones above them were small numbers of CHAFFINCH, GOLDFINCH and SISKIN, probably around a dozen of each.
A better visit today, but no additions to the stagnating month/year list. Isn't it about time some of those people with constant waxwing sightings sent just ONE this way ? :-)

Above. One of the Nuthatch's seen at the small holding. Below is one of the Siskin in the Alder trees at Migrant Alley.
Below is a poor shot of the Barn Owl, a nice bird to 'bump' into anytime


Adam said...

Hi Warren

I'll swop the Barn Owl for a Waxwing.


Ken said...

Hi Warren.
I also will swap you a Bullfinch for a male Blackcap.
Great variety for birds.Nice one.

Warren Baker said...

Only for the day though!

A January blackcap would be a good record on my patch.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I get excited too whenever I get a chance to cross pathes with an owl.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
You'd really know what a dismal walk was if you came on some of mine .
Just the Barn Owl would make it for me .

lee said...

Hello Warren, you do have a lot disturbances to put up with, i get wound up enough with dog walkers,still the countrysides there for everybody i suppose, oh what it would be to have your own reserve.I quite like the barnowl photo it has a strange effect on it different in a nice way.

fishing guy said...

Warren: I actually what you did with that Barn Owl photo.

fishing guy said...

I tagged you with a photo request today.

Phil Green said...

Thanks for the advice Warren, Will do that.