Saturday, 3 January 2009

I made an error on yesterday's post, I actually recorded 7 new species for the year not 6. I forgot to note down a GREY WAGTAIL (53), I must be getting old!
Just as things had started to thaw out, another hard frost overnight put everything into an icy tomb. So I started my walk over at the farmland, the LINNETS were observed leaving their roost at the tree nursery, where there were a couple of early rising GOLDCRESTS. The BARN OWL was in his shack, huddled up and snoozing, away from the frosty conditions. As I passed the Owl roost, a fox came trotting across the field, totally oblivious to my presence, it went up to a garden fence,and jumped over into the hen coup there. It didn't get one, as the dogs were onto it straight off! I pressed on to Migrant alley, nothing had arrived on the stubble as yet, but a few BLACK HEADED GULLS were starting to arrive, joining the ROOKS on the sheep pasture. I walked round to the college grounds, via the stream, but only the usual common birds were picked up.
I crossed the sports pitch, and went back to the stubbles at Migrant Alley, where at least 200 LAPWING had now gathered, I scanned through them for a Golden Plover, but no luck, however a new species for the year flew over, a pair of STOCK DOVES (54) went NE.
The woodland part of my walk wasn't particularly rewarding, apart from a flock of at least 5 REED BUNTING and 7 YELLOWHAMMER in the wild bird crop at the west end of ashes lane. The pools in the wet woods were frozen over, but I did pick up TREECREEPER, and NUTHATCH, also there was a small gathering of REDWING on the woodland floor, I don't normally see them in this habitat. The lake was frozen from bank to bank again, and just 4 MALLARD were on the ice, looks like it will be like this until next weekend according to the long range weather forecast.

Above: The fox takes a run up at the fence, and then below sizes it up before leaping over.

Below is the Breakfast the fox was hoping for, alas he missed out today!


Anonymous said...

It happens to us all, Warren. I forgot to add Mallard to my January 1st tally.

I saw 2 Foxes today, but unlike you, i failed to get a pic.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
When you get to your age , you've got to expect it .
If it's any consolation , it just gets worse .

Warren Baker said...

Sounds like i'm in good company then!!

Steve said...

Good sightings today Warren. Nice pictures too.

Adam said...

Bet you wouldn't have forgot a species if it was the 31st December! Welld one, glad to see the chicks get to live another day. Thabks for comments on my blog - I've posted response about location of Swan there.


Simon said...

Some great sightings and photos Warren.

Fraser Simpson said...

Love the frosty fox photos Warren! Sounds like you've got the New Year off to a good start. All the best, Fraser

Ken said...

Hello Warren.
As with Steve. I like your fox photo's. Not something you get everyday.Glad you had a nice day.

Steve said...

warren - I have just added a sightings list to the sidebar of my blog - thought it might be something you'd want to do for your year list? Be interesting to see a running total of what you see (I am sure you are out as I write this whilst I am stuck in!!)