Thursday, 29 January 2009

This afternoon was the complete opposite to yesterday, it was sunny and mild, and out of the keen SE wind it was quite warm. This didn't produce any new birds for my patch though, only the usual species were recorded, the best being a small flock of feeding Tits in the wet woods, BLUE, GREAT, COAL, LONG TAILED and MARSH TIT, along with two GOLDCRESTS. It's not very often I get to see 5 Tit species together. Nothing at all was going on at the lake area, apart from the MALLARDS, and a Fox that was watching me from behind a gate. I fared no better at Migrant Alley, a few SKYLARKS, 2 MISTLE THRUSH and 14 FIELDFARE were out on the stubbles, and a BULLFINCH was in the hedgerow along with a small party of SISKIN and another Goldcrest. A single YELLOWHAMMER flew over, but that was it really. January is slipping away and i'm not getting any new birds on the list, it's all getting a bit frustrating, at least I have got a bonus on saturday, I thought last sunday was the last full walk round of the month, thinking this sat. was the 1st of feb!

One thing I noticed in the garden later, as I had just filled the feeders, was a large number of Blue tits, I counted a minimum of 23 ! They were everywhere!

Tomorrow I may not do any birding, as ive got to go shopping for a car, after some woman crashed into ours and wrote it off! I might be back in time we'll see. If not, the next post will be on sat.

Even on the most quiet of days, there is a ROBIN to be found!

Below is the fox that was watching me carefully.


Phil Green said...

Hi Warren, that is a lovely photo of the Robin. I've not done any birding either today as I am trying hard to find a Job as I was made redundant last October and am struggling for work. Regards Phil

lee said...

Hello Warren,are you going to buy a robin reliant tomorrow.

Warren Baker said...

Now now, Lee,
You mustn't joke about it. It's a very sore point in the Baker household!

Ken said...

Hi Warren
Nice picture of the Fox.
Good luck with the car hunting.I would steer clear of a Reliant Robin. What's wrong with a OWLdi.

Steve said...

Or a nice Ch(j)eep

Nice pics Warren

Chris said...

hi Warren,
The robin pictures is beautiful and the one of the fox, the most funniest ever. He was really watching you or even more observing you!! I guess you still enjoyed the day even if you only spotted common species, especially with all these tits species.