Monday, 26 January 2009

I only had time for a quick 90 min wander over my patch this afternoon, again a visit to the wet woods, lake area, tree nursery and only the briefest scan of the maize stubble at migrant alley, was made. The lake area had some interest today, when I found a KINGFISHER, it was fishing on the ''tidied'' pond, this is the first one seen on this part of my patch this year, the smaller 'back' pond had just 3 MALLARD, and the Larger 'natural' pond had 2 CORMORANT, and 6 Mallard. BULLFINCH'S were heard calling from the surrounding trees, and I watched a SPARROWHAWK hunting at the feeders of the nearby house.
In the wet woods at least 3 TEAL were present, but I couldn't find any feeding tit flock today, I also failed to find a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, not surprising really though, as they are infrequent visitors to the woods, and I rarely get more tha 1 record a year. Nothing at all was of note in the tree nursery, work was going on to remove the tree's now the ground is good and wet.
At migrant alley all the winter thrushes had gone! Not one Redwing or Fieldfare was out there, although there seemed to be plenty going over, in all directions. I only had 10 mins there, but did see at least 30 SKYLARKS fly across the field, and in the nearby hedgerow a small band of GOLDFINCH and SISKIN fed, probably no more than a dozen overall.

There is a Kingfisher in the pic. below. Honest!
Here's a zoomed in view, it was a long way off!!

Below is one of the cormorants.
Below is a poor Sparrowhawk pic. But you can just make it out.
I took this fungus pic for Greenie, or maybe Dean to ID for me. It was growing on an oak branch


Ken said...

Hi Warren.
I bet you was glad to get out today. What a great improvement in the weather today.Nice shot of the Kingfisher, and Fungi( whatever type it is)

Adam said...

Great Kingfisher shot Warren. River Medway back in flood by me today - usually get Kingfishers visiting the local garden ponds when it does that. Need to built a pond this summer I think! Waxwing seem to have moved on - hopefull gone SW towards you!


Warren Baker said...

It was indeed a much better day!

if the waxwing come this way i'll only see them flyover as there is bugger all for them to eat here!!

Lee: got your email, then hit the delete button instead of reply!! (too much red wine!)Send me your address again, or does anyone else know lee's email ?

Greenie said...

Warren ,
I like the Kingfisher shot too .
Don't worry about the Redwings having nothing to eat at your's , they are still with Adam .
Your fungi is Tremella mesenterica-Yellow Brain Fungus , can be found all year round , but especially late Autumn .

Anonymous said...

Looks like Greenie beat me to it, Warren.
Great pics, again.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Senior moment -
For Redwing read Waxwing .
Don't laugh , it will come to you too .

Stewart said...

Kingfisher looking well against that birch Warren. It might be distant but it puts it in habitat, I like that.

Chris said...

Hi Warren,
You got a nice day there even if the weather is still not that good hein!!!
Same thing for us here, nice birding days but lack of light...