Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Another two species for the months list appeared today, the first and most exciting of which, I found on my way to work. Two REED WARBLERS. These were in the same hedgerow that the sedge Warbler was found in a couple of days ago, on the boundary of Migrant Alley and the greenhouse complex. This hedgerow is only a 50yrd stretch of mixed trees, but it is higher than all the surrounding hedgerows, and on slightly elevated ground, maybe this is why it attracts them ?

Despite the excitement of finding the 4th migrant species in 4 days (will it continue?) I had to carry on into work, finding only the 3rd Autumn record of Reed warbler, at least set me up for the day!

This afternoon after work, I was eager to get out to Migrant Alley again, spurred on by this mornings find, but alas it wasn't a productive visit. The hot sun bore down and everything seemed to hide away. I did see a SPARROWHAWK fly over, as well as a couple of very high soaring, COMMON BUZZARDS. A few SKYLARK and LINNET were around the weedy edge of the maize crop, along with the odd PIED WAGTAIL. A brief walk around the college stream only gave me a Mixed flock of Tits, not the Pied flycatcher I had in mind!

Oh! The second new species for the month was, surprisingly, a LITTLE OWL. It was calling from the small wood adjacent the Greenhouses.

Not many Photo opportunities today, just this Long Tailed Tit seen along the stream.
Also there, was this Common Darter


Greenie said...

Warren ,
Well done on the two new month ticks .
That sun was incredible when it came out , and so humid as well .

Oxonhoath Birds said...

Watch out for those Green Sandpipers Warren

Warren Baker said...

P*ss Off Dave,
Go do a blog post!!

Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

I've never heard Reed warbler described as exciting before!!!
glad you enjoyed Welsh Wales crackin place the Elan Valley, if I were one for re-introducing things I'd be thinking Golden Eagles if there was enough prey/carrion about looks bob on for a pair or two.



Warren Baker said...

Reed Warblers are exciting on my patch Dave!!

As for eagles in Wales, well they would have to stop clearing up the carrion first. There is a new regime of clearing away any dead sheep.:-(

ShySongbird said...

On our last few walks the birds seemed to be keeping themselves well hidden unfortunately. Lovely to see the LTT, I hope they will return to the garden soon, they did around this time last year.