Sunday, 16 August 2009

In complete contrast to yesterday morning, this morning was bright and calm, the birds were everywhere, and even some song was heard, from the likes of ROBIN, BLACKCAP, CHIFFCHAFF and WREN, but most noteworthy from WILLOW WARBLER, the first this month, and REED WARBLER, of which there were two in the tall hedge at migrant alley along with another SEDGE WARBLER, great sightings for my patch!!

Three types of Gull flew over - LESSER BLACK BACKED, HERRING and BLACK HEADED, a SPARROWHAWK and a single TURTLE DOVE also flew over, and a pair of MISTLE THRUSH fed on the college sports pitch, by the time I had walked the first half of my walk I had racked up 46 species, maybe today would be the day the 60 barrier would be reached?

After a quick drink and snack at half time, I headed off out for the small holding, wet woods and lake/scrub area. I was immediately rewarded with a NUTHATCH as I walked up the lane, calling from a large Oak, but another species for the daylist didn't come until I reached the wet woods, a TREECREEPER was feeding with a Large LONG TAILED TIT flock, which had another Nuthatch a Chiffchaff and two COAL TITS along with them. The lake was empty, apart from the usual MOORHEN and MALLARD - as is the norm for this time of year, although I had hoped to find the Grey heron that was there yesterday. I walked round the scrubby area and was pleased to find the first LESSER WHITETHROAT of the month, feeding in an Elder tree, and a few minutes later another one for the months list, a GARDEN WARBLER, excellent! ive not seen this species since June!

A great mornings birding, with 52 species being seen, 3 of those new for August bringing the total now to 64. The daylist could have been nearer the 60, had Greylag goose, Spotted Flycatcher, Kestrel, Hobby or Grey heron showed, as they had yesterday, however I will go out again this evening, and try to find some of those species over at Migrant Alley.

Below is a Chiffchaff.
Next the Reed Warbler in the tall hedge at Migrant Alley - i'm really being spoilt by this species this Autumn!
I couldn't get very close to this Sedge Warbler, but you can make it out as one - just!
Final photo is of a young BLACKBIRD, seen at the college grounds


Steve said...

An excellent mornings work Warren. Great photos as well.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
You had a totally different morning than here weatherwise .
Great count .
I had about the same number , all Tits and Finches in the back garden .

Jann said...

What a nice morning you had, great that the birds were so cooperative. I've enjoyed your photos.

Anonymous said...

Another good day then, Warren. Your patch is more fruitful than mine, at the moment.

swatson said...

A lovely array of birds there Warren How lucky to be able to get those photos.

ShySongbird said...

I do wish I had a 'patch' like yours Warren, even if I hear the birds they don't show themselves. Lovely photos, I especially liked the Chiffchaff.

Fraser Simpson said...

It is good to hear the Chiffchaffs again briefly in later summer/autumn!