Friday, 28 August 2009

My disappointment on yesterdays visit was turned to joy today, a WHINCHAT visited my patch early on this morning as I walked through Migrant Alley on the way to work, fantastic little birds! Oh, and another YELLOW WAGTAIL was feeding in one of the paddocks!

On the walk back home I located the Yellow Wagtail but couldn't find the Whinchat. As soon as I had eaten something, I was back out looking for the Whinchat, this time with my camera, but alas it had moved on. Whilst I was there - in an even stronger, more annoying wind than yesterday, plus some showery rain, 8 SAND MARTINS flew over, twice 2 were seen, then 3 together then later a lone bird, all going south. A HOBBY was seen again, as well as a KESTREL, and a GREY HERON put in a flyover appearance. HERRING GULLS were noted flying over in small groups, also 4 BLACK HEADED GULLS and a couple of LESSER BLACK BACKED GULLS, all relishing the windy conditions. As I was leaving I scanned the fence lines one last time and saw a TURTLE DOVE sunning itself, I had to creep up on it through the wet maize crop to get anywhere near enough for a photo.

Turtle Dove - worth getting wet to get this pic.

Below: A group of SWALLOWS were preening themslves on the fence line
I was getting closer and closer to them, but some ignorant couple with 3 loose dogs came past and scared the lot away. They could clearly see what I was doing, bloody dog walkers!


Ken Browne. said...

Hi Warren.
Congrats on finding the Whinchat. Nice photo of the T/Dove. Have a good weekend :-)

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Good to hear you happy again with sighting the Whinchat , but it went downhill a bit in the last sentence .
Had the car in for MoT and service , and with showers most of the day , didn't get out .

Oxonhoath Birds said...

Nice one with the whinchat Warren

ShySongbird said...

Well done on the Whinchat Warren but commiserations on no photo.
Lovely pics of the Turtle Dove and the Swallows, I only ever seem to see Swallows in flight recently and find them well nigh impossible to photograph!

Kelly said...

I love both swallow photos...and I like the angle on the last one...very interesting--plus one in flight!

Dean said...

Yeh, good one, Warren.
The wind was howling up here too. Bloody thing!!!

Tricia said...

Wow - a Whinchat - would be a lifer for me!

Great shot of the Turtle Dove and I love the swallow pics - shame about the inconsiderate dog walkers though - some people have no soul!!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Warren: I love that Turtle Dove, that neck decoration is cool.

Jann said...

Ah yes, people and their dogs...we're all suppposed to love and tolerate them as much as their their bratty kids...anyway, great photos, that dove shot is gorgeous! Nicely done.

The Early Birder said...

Warren, well done with the Whinchat plus a good shot of the TD. I hunted for Whinchat at Thursley yesterday without luck (obviously moved on) but did see a juv Spotted Flycather.
Have a good week. FAB