Saturday, 15 August 2009

Dawn seemed slow to arrive this morning, I had to wait for it to get light, but at 05:30 I left anyway, and was it a slow start! In gloomy, drizzly conditions, Just 13 species were recorded from my house, along Ashes lane, through the tree nursery and along the hedgerow leading to Migrant Alley, only a WREN was heard to sing, while GREEN WOODPECKER and ROBIN called, the others had to be found the hard way.
Very few birds were about, but I did still manage to winkle out a good total of 51 species today. The highlight was a YELLOW WAGTAIL which circled over Migrant Alley, then dropped down into the far edge of the Maize crop. Second best bird species seen was a HOBBY, two in fact, they chased the SWALLOWS and HOUSE MARTINS over the College stables and out over the Maize and paddocks, a while later a SPARROWHAWK did the same, poor old hirundines! A KESTREL flew purposely over - a new species for the month, but the fourth species of raptor was only seen over the high ground to the north of my patch, no less than five Buzzards were up.
Two more species were added to the August list, a GREY HERON that was fishing on the lake, and a MARSH TIT that was with a feeding flock of other Tit species, as well as a couple of TREECREEPERS and at least two NUTHATCH'S, all which fed in a large oak on the edge of the wet woods. I had a good look round the lakeside scrub area for Lesser Whitethroat and Garden warbler, but the local breeding birds seem to have left already, i'll have to hope I pick them up as migrants passing through. The Swifts have certainly gone now, ive not seen any since I saw 6 over the house on Aug 1st, although I might just see a late one coming through.

Below is the Kestrel that flew over, too quick for me though!

................This DUNNOCK posed nicely, once the sun came out.

Above and Below - Purple Hairstreak! Well, not purple at all now, just a worn brown colour.

And a Speckled Wood Buttefly


Chris said...

HI Warren,
You got an excellent tour and a nice number of species. I love the dunnock shot and congrats for the yellow wagtail...
Here it was a sunny day but I was too exhausted to go out... I just rested after the long trip back home!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Warren: Thise were really cool captures of both the birds and butterflies.

Oxonhoath Birds said...

I'll be watching out for those Greensands in the morning warren

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Sadly , nearly all the butterflies are looking tired now .
51 is not a bad bit of winkling .

Jann said...

That spotted wood butterfly is an esp nice shot. And way to go with the purple hairstreak w/ its wings open.

Anonymous said...

Great photos, Warren.
Yep, the hours of daylight are definately getting shorter.

ShySongbird said...

The Summer is going too quickly! There are signs of the dreaded A word all around. Lovely photo of the Dunnock.