Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Once again this morning a migrant species was found in the tall hedge at Migrant Alley, another REED WARBLER! I watched it for a few minutes, and it watched me back! Unfortunately I didn't have my camera as I don't like taking it to work. I didn't have time to stay long, and as I moved on across the Maize field a HOBBY flew low over my head, just above the Maize tops giving me a great view of this smart little falcon.

As I walked home from work, the fields at Migrant alley gave up another migrant, this time a WHEATEAR, the second this month. When I returned with my camera half hour later I found the bird again, but it wouldn't allow me anywhere near close enough for a photo, usually they are quite approachable, but this one flew off and was not seen again!

I stayed for another couple of hours, but I had used up all my luck for the day, and no other Migrants passed through. SKYLARK, LINNET and PIED WAGTAILS did their best to entertain, as did a huge flock of mixed Corvids, mostly ROOKS and JACKDAWS with a scattering of CARRION CROWS, they all fed on the bare earth left by the Pipeline workings. One other notable sighting was a young TURTLE DOVE feeding in one of the horse paddocks, this confirms that the local birds successfully bred on my patch - Excellent, a scarce bird now.

I might just go out this evening for a quick skywatch and scan the fenceposts again!

The only photo I got today was of this YELLOWHAMMER. I think this Female is nesting ( for the second time) in the hedgerow that bounds the Maize.


Mike - Fenphotography said...

Nice Yellowhammer shot Warren, something I would love to get a pic of.

ShySongbird said...

Gorgeous Yellowhammer photo Warren, I was thrilled to get a couple which I put on my post of Sunday August 2nd, I think you may have missed it while you were in Wales.

I have never seen a Turtle Dove and see they are sadly on the 'red list' as of course are Yellowhammers.