Thursday, 13 August 2009

The recent run of migrant species visiting my patch came to an end today. Early this morning I walked to work through migrant Alley, and all was quiet, mind you, it was chucking it down with rain, which I admit hastened my pace.

This afternoon was no better, the weather had changed though, it became very warm, and oppressively humid making for an uncomfortable visit. The only thing worthy of any mention was the finding of the months first PHEASANT, they seem to go into hiding at this time of year, maybe because of the ''glorious'' 12th, the shooting season, when all the city twats come down and pretend to be country folk by blasting away at them.

I was joined by the Oxenhoath birder for an hour, he watches a patch to the north of me ( Occassionally) and once even wrote a blog post! However despite two pairs of eyes, nothing more than the usual SKYLARK, LINNET, PIED WAGTAIL, a calling LITTLE OWL and a SPARROWHAWK was seen.

Looks like another evening visit is on the cards, I went out yesterday evening and it immediatly clouded over and rained!

Not much to photograph today, just some hot looking STARLINGS............
..............................and some even hotter looking ROOKS!


Jann said...

That starling has such pretty markings. The rooks remind me of the time I came upon several turkey vultures, each sunning its wings, side by side on fence posts along a country road. I had to drive by them, it was spooky!

Greenie said...

Steve and I were saying that it was a very quiet bird day today .
Strange that we both had company this afternoon .

Monika said...

How is your August count coming, since you got a delayed start? I assume the migrants must be helping!

Warren Baker said...

Hi Monika,
The August count is on 57 so far, but I added another this evening, more of that in tomorrows post!

Anonymous said...

Hi Warren, I too saw a pheasant today, in a field of Highland cattle - both looking a bit strange on this landscape.
Those Rooks look like a ragged bunch of mercenaries awaiting the order to go 'over the top'.

george.moore25 said...
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swatson said...

love the shot of the rooks Warren.I think the starlings have a great look when they are "half and half"so to speak