Sunday, 29 November 2009

The last full walk round my patch for November was a very frustrating one! As I left at 07:20 I was caught in a hefty shower, but it passed and it began to brighten up a bit. I made my way over to the lake area, via the small holding and wet woods, recording a good number of the more common species, including two that weren't seen yesterday, REDWING and GREY HERON, both at the small holding.

I made my way through the wet woods, and heard both FIELDFARE and LESSER REDPOLL fly overhead, the latter species wasn't seen yesterday either, and I thought to myself a daylist of 50 species could be on. At the lake area, it seemed everthing had deserted the place, their were just 3 MALLARD and 5 MOORHEN, with a single CORMORANT, which caught a small fish.
Around the scrubby areas and the nearby garden feeders, BULLFINCH, GREENFINCH, SISKIN, COAL TIT and LONG TAILED TIT brought the list to 37 for the day.

Walking back through the wet woods, I heard a loud clap of thunder, but it wasn't until I left my house after a quick drink break, that I saw what was heading my way. A huge black thunderstorm loomed menacingly to the west, I though it looked like the storm might skirt round my patch, so i carried on, however just 5 mins later it was apparent that I was wrong, the first large drops of rain fell as I crossed the tree nursery and I looked for some shelter. Despite the oncoming rain, the last of the sun was shining low from the east, creating one of the most spectacular rainbows I have ever seen - quite remarkable.

A few minutes later, the rain came on real heavy, and large hailstones fell, I was caught out in the middle of it all and got thouroughly soaked! In all the rain I did add YELLOWHAMMER and MEADOW PIPIT to the daylist, but I didn't finish the walk, as it just kept raining, and I got fed up!!!!

With just one more afternoon walk left for November, it looks like last years record November total of 66 will remain in tact, but the total of 63 achieved this November was the second best ever. This despite all the rubbish weather and the 'flu', so I cant be too disappointed.

Below are a few photo's of the spectacular rainbow, this in itself was worth getting wet for I thought!

Below, in the opposite direction, a female CHAFFINCH sat in a tree in the sunshine
A GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER was on the peanuts in my garden as I left just before the storm
Also this Nuthatch came to visit as I was photographing the Woodpecker


Kelly said...

Warren...that is a spectacular rainbow--all the better for braving hailstones and torrents of rain. I will go out birding in the rain, but hail...I've never had to that. Glad you were able to get close to that record, though (and dealing with the rain and the flu makes the count all the more remarkable).

Jann said...

Awesome rainbow photos! I'll bet the hail stung, tho! I love your nuthatch with its little bandit mask, and as always love any of the UK woodpeckers...great photos and post Warren.

Anonymous said...

It has been a horrible month, Warren. A new one is upon us the day after tomorrow, and another target to aim for, i hope.

All the best for tomorrows visit.

Chris said...

Hi Warren,
i guess it is better for you not to beat every months record. otherwise next year is gonna be terrible for you... The rainbow pictures are really nice!

ShySongbird said...

Wow! Great rainbow. I saw on the weather last night that you were in for thunder today!

I don't know how but I nearly missed yesterday's post, I have only just spotted it and I'm so glad I did. The Owl photos were great as was the Tree Creeper which is high on my 'wish to see' list. Of course on this post I loved seeing the Woodpecker and the Nuthatch.

sharon said...

Well done Warren, you are only 3 below last years record and like you said thats a result in itself given you were ill! And it's supposed to be cold (but dry) tomorrow I think so you never know what might turn up. Love the rainbow pics.