Sunday, 15 November 2009

There were a few showers about first thing this morning, but they soon died away to leave a bright morning with some sunny spells.

I went over to the lake first thing, just in case anything had taken shelter there from yesterdays storm, it hadn't, unfortunately, only the local MALLARDS and one or two MOORHENS were seen there. On the way to the lake, I recorded the expected set of birds, that are to be found at this time of year, CHAFFINCH, BLUE and GREAT TIT, GREEN WOODPECKER, DUNNOCK, WREN, ROBIN and the likes, all easily being found along Ashes Lane and into the Small holding. The wet woods are filling up nicely now after all the recent rain, and a few Moorhens have moved in, above in the almost bare trees there were a good number of Blue and Great Tits, the odd GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER, and at least 2 TREECREEPERS. The LONG TAILED TITS had moved into one of the large gardens that lie between the wet woods and the lake, with them were a GOLDCREST and two COAL TITS.

The tree nursery was very wet and muddy, the ground being torn up by the workers vehicles, but the PIED WAGTAILS seemed to enjoy it all, while BLACKBIRDS and SONGTHRUSH'S flew out of the remaining shrubs as I passed them.

Migrant alley was home to a few SKYLARK, MEADOW PIPIT, more Pied Wagtails and 50-60 BLACKHEADED GULLS, just a few single FIELDFARE flew over and a couple of SISKIN, but not much else was noted on the winter visitor front.

I walked along the college stream and into the grounds, and was pleased to see a GREY WAGTAIL, looking splendid in the sunshine, also a flock of GOLDFINCH'S partying in an alder tree - which was gatecrashed by a male SPARROWHAWK.

Passing the college sports pitch, and back through Migrant Alley I added a lone GREYLAG GOOSE, and CORMORANT to my list, as they flew over, and a pair of YELLOWMMER that did the same brought the daylist to 42 - just about what I would expect at this time of year. Nothing new for the month, but I should get one or two more new species in the last few weeks of November.

Above: A Female HOUSE SPARROW. Below: A SONG THRUSH, that was singing loudly - good to hear it's lovely song again!


Mike said...

Nice post Warren, gakd your feeling better.

Mike said...

glad, sorry fingers fault.

sharon said...

Nice photos Warren - glad you're well again.

Anonymous said...

We could do with some cold weather to stir things up, Warren.

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Warren.
Nice photo of the Song Thrush. Not a bird I have seen much of lately.

ShySongbird said...

Nice photos again Warren. We have very high winds here again today after a brief respite yesterday.

You may have already told us this, in which case apologies for asking but does your list of species (42 on this post) include birds which are heard but not seen or is it only the ones you actually see?

Warren Baker said...

I record all birds I see and hear. on, or over my patch.