Thursday, 5 November 2009

This mornings walk into work was more fruitful than of late. Both FIELDFARE and YELLOWHAMMER flew over Migrant Alley as I passed through, two more for November, and a KESTREL was up early, hunting over the Tree nursery.

I came home from work early, suffering from some kind of virus, which will probably develop into a cold later :-( , so when I got home it was garden watching time. I got frustrated with that, and kept thinking about what might be on the lake, so I dosed myself up with paracetamol and orange juice and had a quick visit to the lake. I was only gone an hour, and felt even worse when I came home, and what was on the lake - well the 40 or so MALLARD and the 5 CANADA GEESE were still there, as was the CORMORANT, in its favoured tree, but no sign of the Coot, or any other rare ducks, it wasn't worth going out really, but I had to know ;-). I did at least see the months first TREECREEPER in the wet woods, as I walked through.

I spent the rest of the afternoon watching the garden, which had its moments, for as well as MARSH TIT, I had two NUTHATCH'S at the feeders,which were new for the month. COAL TIT, and two GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKERS were also of note.

So another 4 new species for the Nov. list brings that to 54, I just hope I'm not going to miss any patch visits due to illness, it's already been a weather interupted month...........I'm off to rest.

Above is a Coal Tit with a sunflower heart in its bill
Above is a Great Spotted Woodpecker, with a GREAT TIT creeping in the photo, below is the Woodpecker with a BLUE TIT on the feeder, what little light there was today, was coming from the wrong direction for any decent photo chances.


Kelly said...

...four new birds while you're on the verge of sickness is good. Great catch with the Treecreeper. I love those little birds (our equivalent is the Brown Creeper). I hope your illness is not the beginnings of Swine Flu--it hits hard and fast and is not fun. I guess tea and a good book is in order for you. Wishing you well.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Sounds very much like 'man flu' to me .
Some serious hot toddies are needed .

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Warren.
Your health is more important than your blog. Your blog will always be here.
Well done for clocking up a few more species for the month.

sharon said...

Hi Warren - I hope you're feeling better soon, forget the cup of tea I say whiskey is more of a cure! Take care.

Anonymous said...

The weather`s not helping at all, Warren. I`m fed up with it.
It was glorious this morning, not a cloud in the sky, and now it`s been non stop rain since 11am. Get well soon, mate.
Oh, almost forgot. Well done on adding 4 more species.

Monika said...

That great spotted woodpecker is a remarkable bird! Here's to a quick recovery - feel better soon!

Pete Woodruff said...

Warren hope you are going to get rid of this virus you suspect you may have and soon. Will be looking in to check you out.

Regards and get well soon is the order of the day.

Jann said...

Your coal tit is our black-capped chickadee, nice capture of the little fellow...really like your spotted woodpecker too, very pretty bird. Interesting that the coot is rare there; here it is overly abundant. I say "Nothing but coots," a lot when visiting lakes or ponds. Nice yard photos.