Saturday, 7 November 2009

Utter frustration!!!

Still suffering from the dreaded manflu. I had intended to maybe get out for a short walk this afternoon, but I am still coughing, sneezing and running a temp. It so frustrating, as today was clear sunny, cool and windless a pefect November birding day.

However..........whilst lying on my bed, looking out of the window across the greenhouses, I spied a MUTE SWAN flying low over Migrant Alley, straight towards, and over my house. Mute swans are a scarce bird on my patch, so it's good to get it on the November list. It would be a sad time indeed to have had no birding at all for a full two days! Maybe I should start a ''seen from my bed'' list :-)

Hopefully tomorrow I will be fit enough for at least a partial walk of my patch.


sharon said...

At least you've seen one bird (Mute Swan - congratulations!) so you're suffering hasn't totally been in vain, maybe put some seed/nuts on your window sill and see what comes ;-)

Anonymous said...

I also hate being housebound, Warren, for whatever reason. So i can sympathise with your opening line.

Hope you do manage to get out tomorrow, even if it`s a partial walk.
All the best.

Kingsdowner said...

Warren, I empathise if not sympathise, as I've also been struck down, hence the good sighting earlier this week.
Feeling really grubby, partly from the cold, but mostly from not being able to get out.
keep 'bed-listing!'

Mike said...

Yep its a pain not getting out for whatever reason, nice spot though, hope your feeling better soon.