Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Not really worth posting today! I got home from work this afternoon and set off out across the Tree Nursery, a strong, blustery wind was blowing, and the only butterflies seen were Meadow Browns. I watched the WHITETHROAT flit from shrub to shrub, hoping it would be feeding young, but it didn't give anything away!

A big bank of dark cloud started to blot out the blue sky a few moments later, and the wind started up even more- so I gave up in frustration as the first few raindrops fell. I did notice two BUZZARDS very high up as I walked past the Greenhouse Complex, but it was a poor afternoon for seeing much.

This CARRION CROW allowed closer approach than they normally do, ( click on photo and check out that beak!) it was on a telephone pole along Ashes Lane - dont be fooled by the blue sky behind it, that had long gone !!

I tried to get some garden photo's when I got home, but the light was dwindling all the while, this GREAT TIT below, was having a rest from feeding the 5 young that are constantly asking for food :-)

Whilst the 20 or so young BLUE TITS are slowly gaining their independence


Greenie said...

Warren ,
We got hit by a few sharp , heavy showers today .
Didn't stop the Warden's feeders being hammered though .

Warren Baker said...


Its a feeder frenzy at the moment :-)

Alan Pavey said...

It's always worth a post Warren, the pictures are always good to see, good stuff :-)

Pete Woodruff said...

Not really worth posting today!....But you did and simply tried your best on the bird scene as you always do. But we all know the feeling of giving up in frustration Warren and there's always tomorrow.

ShySongbird said...

At least you have your garden birds to fall back on Warren and they always provide you with some good photos. Always nice to see the intelligent and much maligned Crow too!