Thursday, 23 June 2011

After a miserable day yesterday, when I didn't get out at all due to the high winds and rain, it was a relief to be able to get a walk in this afternoon. The wind was still a problem, and some light showers fell, but nothing like yesterday!

I made my first visit to the Lakes and Scrubby Woods since Sunday, and found small numbers of Birds, Butterflies and Damselflies to keep me amused. A LONG TAILED TIT flock, with a few BLUE and GREAT TITS made their way noisily through the Wood, where two TURTLE DOVES, two to three BLACKCAPS and four CHIFFCHAFFS sang. A BULLFINCH was heard softly calling from a dense piece of scrub, but I couldn't locate it, or any young that it may have been with. I was also on the lookout for any JAY offspring, but despite finding the adults squawking loudly no young were found with them.

I turned my attention to the insect world, and in the sheltered spots between the Oaks, I waited for the sun to come out, which it did every now and then, allowing for a few Butterflies to show, A Purple Hairstreak was up high, sitting out of camera range on an Oak leaf, but I had better luck with one of the two Red Admirals that were fighting over this sunny space, a Speckled Wood, Small White and a Small Skipper were also seen.

Down low in the grassy vegetation, Blue Tailed, Azure, and White Legged Damselflies were found, mostly the latter.

Walking home through the Tree Nursery, two WHITETHROATS were singing, and the LESSER WHITETHROAT made a visit from the Greenhouse Complex territory opposite. A SPARROWHAWK that flew over was the only raptor for the day

Not a very inspiring day! The weather looks set to remain pretty rubbish until Sunday, when it's going to go to the other extreme - hot and humid - you just cant win!

Photo's for today. Red Admiral below

This Chiffchaff below was singing away, it is a bird born earlier this year, I always wondered if the young sang, having not to defend a territory or attract a mate, but now I know :-)

Below is a Hoverfly, one of those big Vollucella ones, I spent some time try to catch one in flight, but it is difficult!

Below are some White legged Damselfies, the top and middle one are either females or immatures, the bottom one is a Male.....I think :-)


Tim James said...

Sounds like an idyllic day's nature-watching. The damselfly images are absolutely superb – Tim

Greenie said...

Warren ,
With that light band around the middle , I'd say Volucella pellucens . Like you , I've spent much time for the 'hover shot' .
My money would be on immature/female on all your WLDs .
Nice crisp Red Admiral .

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Tim,
I like the way the camera caught the hairs on the Damsels legs!

There doesn't seem to be a lot of Adult Male WLD about at the moment. Doesn't the time fly when your messing about with the Hover fly shots ;-)

Alan Pavey said...

Lovely sharp Red Admiral, Warren

Phil said...

Nice pictures Warren. I too have been down the hoverfly in flight road. I've given up now.

ShySongbird said...

My favourite butterfly and a cracking photo of it Warren :)

My theory is that the Chiffchaff is practising for when it does need to attract a mate or defend its territory. Of course it could just have been full of the joys of life and entertaining you :)

Derek Faulkner said...

Oh dear Warren, what a tormented life that you live, you don't like the current weather and before its even got here you don't like the much better weather that's due on Sunday.Sometimes in life perfection doesn't come your way.

Jason K said...

Great White-legged Damselfly shots Warren.

Cracking Red Admiral too. They are in short supply round Shenstone this year

Jason K said...

P.s. thats really interesting about the young Chiffy singing..I've also learned something new there