Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The up and down summer weather was today on the down slope, heavy cloud with occasional drizzle, plus a strong wind, made it an uncomfortable afternoon visit to my patch.

I decided to do something different today, and go over to my sky watching seat at Migrant Alley in the hope of adding a Hobby to the June list. Below is the view to the SE, looking at the Tower at Hadlow square. The Scaffolding is almost all the way up now, so the Peregrines that use the Tower will have to move elsewhere, I hope they dont go too far.

I stayed on my seat, and noted the likes of LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL, HERRING GULL and GREY HERON fly over, plus all the local SWALLOWS, some with young now, and 10-15 SWIFTS, which I hope found somewhere new to nest, as they used to use the tower as well.

Behind me in the tall hedge, a CHAFFINCH sang for the whole 90 mins I was there, along with the occasional song from WREN, DUNNOCK, BLACKBIRD and the chirruping of a family of HOUSE SPARROWS. LINNETS, GOLDFINCH'S, PIED WAGTAILS, and GREENFINCH'S moved from the far hedgerow to the Greenhouse Complex, all feeding young, while in the distance I could just here the TURTLE DOVES singing from the Wooded Headland at the north end of the fields and paddocks. Eventually, time ran out for me, and I had to get home, Hobby less :-( . I'm sure i'll get one this month at some point though !

A quick photo session in my garden, whilst tea was cooking, turned up some familiar species. The Juv. GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER is now feeding for itself.

While the garden ROBIN is either moulting its body feathers, or has had an encounter with the critter in the last two photo's :-)

The Young BLUE TITS are starting to fend for themselves now, and are not particularly bothered by my presence, allowing for some close encounters.

Below, the Blue and GREAT TITS sneak in on the Peanuts while the Woodpecker is away!

Lastly did this SPARROWHAWK have a go at the ROBIN ? Probably! I couldn't get a decent shot at it, as I was inside the house, and had to take a photo through my less than clean double glazing! It looks like a young bird.


Tim James said...

What a spot the Sparrowhawk was. And a fine image considering the obstacles of double-glazed glass! Fine shots.

Alan Pavey said...

Great shots Warren, the Sparrowhawk is stunning!!

Derek Faulkner said...

Warren, I'm surprised at your heavy cloud and drizzle, it was really warm and fairly sunny here on Sheppey.
I was surprised this morning on the reserve to see a small number of young Swallows heading south at speed, quite clearly migrating back.

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Tim/Alan, Derek, can you bame the Swallows for getting out early ?

Derek Faulkner said...

Not really Warren, 4 weeks ago in the paper I was reading how June was going to see temps. of +100, so far it'll do well to better April.

Chris said...

Well i still love your sparrowhawk picture even if you took throught the window! It is gorgeous... Gosh you got a whole blue tit family around... Beautiful too ;-)

Jason K said...

Cracking Sparrowhawk photos Warren.

The weather has been fairly indifferent here today as well

John said...

Hi Warren,
Great shots of the Sparrowhawk!Top bird, that some people see as a `bad` bird because it eats other birds, but I ask you, do the worms and caterpillars eaten by our Blackbirds and Blue Tits give themselves up willingly!?

Kelly said...

Wow! Lovely photos...I love the baby woodpecker and the sparrowhawk shots are fabulous! I have so much catching up to do it's ridiculous. I have a Cooper's Hawk sitting in my side yard watching the peanut feeders there too!

ShySongbird said...

Love that GSW photo Warren :)

The Sparrowhawk has been doing what comes naturally in my garden, sad but a fact of life and they do say it is the sign of a healthy garden!

The weather here has been the same as yours.