Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Even as I walked home from work this afternoon I could hear the approaching thunderstorms, heralding the end of the heatwave in the usual fashion :-) By the time I had had lunch, the sky had turned black, and some pretty impressive lightning bolts were striking not far away, accompanied by Almighty crashes of thunder.

The storms went on until 5 O'clock, so needles to say I didn't get out, although it looks to be clearing now so I may get an evening patch visit in. The day wasn't a total write off though, I still managed to see three raptor species, a KESTREL was over the Greenhouse Complex as I walked in to work this morning, a superb HOBBY was hunting SWALLOWS over Migrant Alley whilst walking back home, and lastly a SPARROWHAWK visited the garden whilst I was attempting some photographs during the storm.

The photo's didn't turn out great in the poor light but here they are anyway;

The young GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER below, clung on to the nut feeder even in the biggest downpour, and despite the crashes of thunder - it love its nuts!!

I put this male HOUSE SPARROW in to show you the rings on its legs, it has a Purple ring on its left leg, and two Orange rings on its right, it was part of a five year ringing scheme I took part in. I can identify this bird on my records as having been ringed on the 3 October 2007 as an adult, that makes it at least 5 years old, the last time it was seen was back on the 12th June 2009, where has it been ?

There was an increase in House Sparrows generally in the garden, this Juv. was sitting in the rain waiting to be fed

This was another male bird coming to the feeders, I had at least 7 sparrows in today, most days i'm lucky to see two.

Right, i'm off for tea, then a stroll over to Migrant Alley for a sky watch. i'll report tomorrow if anything turns up :-)


Anonymous said...

I do well for House Sparrows in my garden, Warren. One pair i believe is on its second brood.

ShySongbird said...

Snap on the House Sparrows Warren! They seem to have increased again in my garden too, at last :)

That's a lovely, bright eyed juvenile GSW.

Very dull here all day but no thunder or rain.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
That certainly was some weather this afternoon , drove home through torrential rain .
Just hope the House Sparrows use my communal boxes next year .
The juv GSW was a male then !

Pete Woodruff said...

'A superb Hobby was hunting Swallows'....you should be so lucky. Come and live in my area in't north Warren and you'll learn to appreciate the Hobby big time.

Bob Bushell said...

Really nice of the Woodie.

Jason K said...

Thats really interesting about the ringed House sparrow Warren. It does make you wonder where it is kicking around at

Paul said...

Nice to see the young/Juv. GSW visit your garden Warren, Ive also had a Juv. in my garden too.

I was working in Mereworth when the thunder and lighting arrived, that was some loud thunder we had! I reckon you got the bad weather first, but it was a job to say which direction it came from, it seemed to be all around me!

Chris said...

Looks like we are getting the same weather... It is really windy over here with a northern cold wind which has been blowing for days... Big consequences, none of the birds are breeding and even after a big patch visit tonight, I barely saw 5 species!! Gosh what a bad year we have!