Saturday, 23 July 2011

A cool NW wind blew this morning, and variable amounts of cloud drifted over, allowing only brief sunny spells to be had.

I was out for little over 5 hours, and recorded an excellent 51 species, most being the regular resident species, but there were also a few passage birds going through. These included at least 4 SAND MARTIN flying North over Migrant Alley, a bit strange, as I would expect them to be going South!

Two skeins of geese flew over, one of 34 CANADA GEESE, the other of 9 GREYLAGS, also noted going over were a flock of 7 HERRING GULL, 2 single BLACK HEADED GULL and a LESSER BLACK BACKED GULL, there were also 2 of the latter in one of the paddocks at Migrant Alley, all making it feel a little more Autumnal.

The College Grounds had a mixed feeding flock of LONG TAILED TITS, GREAT TITS, BLUE TITS, a COAL TIT, 4 GOLDCREST, 2 TREECREEPER and 4 CHAFFINCH loosely associating with them, also at least 4 SPOTTED FLYCATCHERS were seen in their usual territory. The nearby trial garden area had a mix of BLACKCAP, WHITETHROAT, and CHIFFCHAFF, plus the more run of the mill DUNNOCK, BLACKBIRD, WREN, ROBIN and SONGTHRUSH.

Later in the walk I was over at the lakes and Scrubby Woods area, where on the water 22 Canada Geese were loafing and preening, maybe part of the skein that I saw earlier. In the woods just one TURTLE DOVE showed itself, and a family party of Chiffchaffs showed well enough for some photo's, while I was doing that, I looked up and saw the only HOUSE MARTIN of the day, which led me to the sighting of a COMMON BUZZARD, very nice :-)

On the way out of the Scrubby Woods I saw alot of activity in a large shrub, which was laden with ripe berries, I watched and waited, a wait that went well rewarded, for not only were there two families of Blackcaps, 8 birds in all, but also a GARDEN WARBLER (99, 62) the first seen this year, this will have been a dispersing bird from elsewhere, as I didn't have any breeders here this year.

A selection of photo's were taken today, as usual some better quality than others :-)
Above and below are one of the Chiffchaffs that were in the Scrubby Woods

Below is an immature MOORHEN, this was on one of the College ponds.

Above is a SWALLOW on the line over Ashes Lane, below are a family of Swallows at an area just before the Small Holding

Above is a Long Tailed Tit, and below a nice cock HOUSE SPARROW

Below is a photo of the berry laden shrub the all the Blackcaps and the Garden Warbler were feasting in

Lastly, a Red Admiral, there were 7 of them on one Buddlea !


Bob Bushell said...

Beautiful photos of the Chiffchaff, and the rest of them.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
Well done with the Garden Warbler .
I haven't managed to see/hear one this year .

Warren Baker said...

Thanks Bob,

Greenie, I still haven't heard one !

Marc Heath said...

An excellent number of species Warren in the day. I still need Garden Warbler for Reculver this year so perhaps they are on the move. Again some nice shots from the day.

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Told yer!!! Ton up tomorrow?



Rob said...

That's an impressive tally of bird species for one day Warren.
The Moorhen has excellent balance!

Dean said...

Well done on finally nailing Garden Warbler, Warren.
Must be my turn now, for a Hobby.

I agree with with Bob. Cracking Chiffy shots.

Alan Pavey said...

Well done with the Garden Warbler Warren, what is going to be number 100?