Wednesday, 27 July 2011

In my haste to write off yesterdays poor visit, I forgot to mention an unusual sighting I had as I passed the Greenhouse Complex on the way to work. Amongst the SWALLOWS gathered at their post roost on top of the Greenhouses, was an almost white one, the only colour on it was a tinge of pink under its chin, and a few black smudges on its shoulders, a very impressive and beautiful leucistic individual.

This morning I again looked for the bird, but couldn't find it, although I did see at least 4 SAND MARTINS in amongst the SWALLOWS there today.

This afternoons visit was quiet again, and there was very little to spark any excitement, which is, after all, only to be expected on a humid and warm late July afternoon. A visit to the Scrubby Woods had me sitting under a shady Oak tree, watching the heavily berried bush that the Garden warbler was seen in at the weekend, I was hoping for another one or maybe something even better, but my vigil was only rewarded with lots of BLACKCAPS, these were mostly immature birds born this year. The only song heard was from a SONGTHRUSH. I wonder where the mixed feeding flock has moved off too ? I expect it will return soon, they generally move in a circuit of the area.

Whilst sitting under the Oak tree, I watched and photographed a Purple Hairstreak, it fluttered down onto the ground and was taking salts from a bare patch of earth.

I ended the visit with a walk round the Tree Nursery, the WHITETHROAT family were still together, and fattening up for their journey south next month, while overhead both KESTREL and SPARROWHAWK were seen. Butterflies were represented by Meadow Browns mostly, but a few Gatekeepers were also flitting about, as were the Small Whites and a Red Admiral.

I did get a couple of photo's while out, below is a MOORHEN, seen on the run off pool at the bottom of the Tree Nursery.

also the Puple Hairstreak taking on salts from the exposed earth.


Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Nice woggie pic - 2nd best bird in the book!!! Never seen a purple hairstreak but hope to remedy tht on Friday...assuming the weather holds:)



Warren Baker said...

Woggie ? Is that politically correct Dave :-)

Good luck with the PH's :-)

Pete Woodruff said...

Very interesting your albino Swallow Warren as it was only yesterday I noticed in my records from 2010, a 'snow white' albino Swallow with c.300 over my patch at Conder Green on 10 August....a truly amazing sight.

Alan Pavey said...

In a few days it'll be August and we won't know where to look next, as we get over run with migrants
(Nice thought anyway) :-)