Thursday, 28 July 2011

A very warm and humid afternoon made for an uncomfortable walk, the camera and bins felt like a huge burden as I walked round the Tree Nursery, the straps getting ever stickier round my sweating neck!

I came across these two mating Skippers, Small I think, but they may be Essex skippers, other butterflies in the nursery included lots of Meadow Browns and Gatekeepers, with ones and twos of Peacock, Red Admiral and Comma. Not much was happening on the bird front, just WHITETHROAT and GREEN WOODPECKER showed up here.
I had a sit down in the shade, by the run off pool, the MOORHEN was again present, but with it was it's mate and 4 newly fledged young. Three to four CHIFFCHAFFS called in the surrounding tree's and shrubs, and over the water I counted 6 Common Darters, they didn't alight for any amount of time, so I took this flight shot.

After a while I summoned up the energy for a walk around the pasture and paddocks of Migrant Alley, not a good idea really, the sun beat down relentlessly on my balding head ( forgot my hat !), but it was worth it, as I saw a COMMON BUZZARD being seen off by two HOBBIES, the 'Ki Ki Ki' call of the Hobbies brought my attention to the action above me. I was only out for half an hour after that, and didn't see much more, a SKYLARK got up from the pasture, and a few SWALLOWS fed overhead. Once it cools off a bit I'll do an evening walk, i'm much more likely to see some birds then :-)


Kieron said...

Hi Warren, I am always pleased when I get alerted by a raptor call above me. It makes me realise just how many things get missed when I am out and about!
I like the dragon fly photo too.

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Great dragon pic there Warren and it was the calls of the Peregrine that made me look up this morning...nice when they let you know they're about.



Anonymous said...

Pretty hot & sticky up here too, Warren. But it cooled down this evening once the rain arrived.

Yeah, great flight shot of the Darter.

Rob said...

Likewise, uncomfortably sticky weather here too Warren. Even the weight of a small camera makes itself felt on such a day.