Tuesday, 5 July 2011

This afternoon started sunny and very warm, but high cloud slowly drifted over, followed by thicker grey rain clouds, heralding the breakdown of the recent good weather.

I once again wandered the long grass and weedy rich habitat of the Tree Nursery, hoping for a new butterfly for the year or month list, nothing new was seen though, many Small Skippers were about again, and the Brown Argus, as well as the Meadow Brown, but I also saw this Silver 'y' Moth a migrant species, which reminds me on the walk home from work I also saw my first Humming bird Hawkmoth of the year :-)

Below another Brown Argus

Below another Small Skipper

As for the birds, well there were long periods where not a bird was seen or heard, even the SWALLOWS seemed to be elsewhere most of the time, a few SWIFTS passed over from time to time, and the KESTREL was up hunting for a while. The WHITETHROAT was glimpsed in the hedgerow, and a family of LINNETS were also seen here.

A sky watch at Migrant Alley only produced LESSER BLACK BACKED and HERRING GULL going over, so all in all a typical quiet July afternoon!

I took these Wood Mouse photo's when I got home, but by then the light had faded, and the first spots of rain were arriving.


Leontien said...

lately i haven seen any live mouse... our cat does leave little "gifts" of dead ones though!

Thanks for the pics!

Jason K said...

Nice photos Warren...nice to se the Silver Y's back here. The Red Admiral numbers have also incereased due to migrants around my neck of the woods (which they needed to, as not many over-wintering ones survived)

Marc Heath said...

Some very nice butterfly shots Warren, nice detail in them.

Phil said...

Good stuff Warren. I really liked the pics today but the last two were taking the mickey a bit:-)

ShySongbird said...

Phil really does have the right surname ;)

I still have the Yellow-necked Mice in my garden and they still have their own feeding dish in the Clematis :)

Nice photos again Warren.

Phil and Mandy said...

like the little woodmouse pics warren

Pete Woodruff said...

You'd have to say 'the Woodmouse are well cute'.

Theres a good (birding) time a'cumin Warren and soon.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, great pics all round, Warren. We`ve just got the rain, just has i was going to do a bit of moth netting. Bah!!!

Sharon said...

Nice pics Warren. I also saw our first Hummingbird Hawkmoth at the weekend - gorgeous :)
Hope the rain doesn't stay with you too long!

Alan Pavey said...

Really nice to get the Wood Mouse pics :-)

Steve Ashton said...

Nice Butterfly pics Warren, and I like the wood mouse.